How 10 Companies Used Local SEO Strategies to Improve Business Success

How 10 companies used local SEO strategies to improve business success

BY Evans Walsh - Guest Blogger
May 3, 2016

local SEO strategies to improve business successAs the owner of a local business, you know how difficult ranking for global, generic keywords is. If you’re running a local jewelry store for instance, global keywords like “jewelry store” have you competing with, and, which means you’ll be lucky to show up among the top 50 results, let alone top 10.

As local SEO experts will tell you, having a solid local SEO strategy is the best thing that a business can invest in. Local SEO is important for any business, big or small, that relies on clientele from their own locality, as opposed to say freelance writers who can provide their services anywhere across the globe.

As Google continues to update its search algorithms to provide better, more relevant results for its users, it is important to invest in timeless techniques to survive the cut-off of every update. This article discusses ten of those strategies with case studies of previous successes. Use them to improve your website’s local SEO for better rankings and higher conversion rates.

1.Buffalo Wild Wings
The sports bar and restaurant chain Buffalo Wild Wings had invested heavily in marketing and various advertising channels without seeing any results. With eleven restaurants in The Philippines, Canada, Mexico and the US, the business was desperate for a way to come out of oblivion.

As part of their local SEO endeavor, this business edited their Name Address and Phone Number (NAP) details on their website as well as throughout local listings and directoriesand experienced incredible results. They ranked first for all local search queries based on each of their locations, and generated 132,000 leads (interested clients) through organic Google search.

2. Hauser-Ross Eye Institute and Surgicare
Illinois-based eye care and surgery institute Hauser-Ross invested in some SEO, but they had only targeted short-tail global keywords such as “Eye Institute” or “Cataracts”. Being a small, local provider, they didn’t perform well because of stiff competition from larger eye-care centers throughout the USA.

They opted for a local-based SEO strategy that began with keyword research to appeal to patients around different parts of Illinois. Location-based keywords were then strategically embedded in various parts of the site, leading to a revenue boost of over 333%, ranking improvements for more than 400 keywords, and over 50% monthly organic traffic increase.

3. Cavalier Ford
Likewise, the auto-dealership Cavalier Ford faced a similar problem: they were unable to attract customers from within their locality. They engaged an SEO agency that began by conducting a full-audit on the site. They determined that website pages had not been optimized for the local-based critical keywords they wanted to rank.

To resolve the issue, the company did geo-targeted keyword research to identify the best performing keywords. They then used these for on-site keyword optimization as well as creating geo-optimized landing pages. Following these modifications, the company saw 119% rise in traffic, 173% more page views, 144% more new visitors and a 47% boost in conversions.

4. Los Angeles Institute of Architecture and Design
The Los Angeles Institute of Architecture and Design, Laiad, is a private architectural school whose focus is interior design and architecture education. Organic search results rankings for their local keywords were dismal – in the second and third search results pages.

The school decided to implement local SEO beginning with location schema integration, citation building within local-based business directories, and Google Map integration. As a result, the company now ranks among the top three for 11 of their major geo-targeted keywords.

5. The D&I Body Shop
Similarly, Atlanta-based auto repair shop D&I Body Shop wasn’t getting the kind of revenue similar businesses in the region were getting. A local SEO team was engaged to carry out geo-targeted organic SEO for the business, beginning with local keyword research and targeting.

Their local SEO strategy, which began in early 2013 with local citation building, keyword optimization, link building, and Google Maps intergration led to a boost of over 309% in organic traffic just one year later.

6. Wedding Photographer Dani Weiss
Seattle-based local portrait and wedding photographer Dani Weiss had a website, but wasn’t performing so good in search results, or getting any traffic and conversions because of the stiff competition in Seattle.

A local team was hired to manage a full site audit and implement local SEO – most notably focusing on Google+ Review building and local business directory citations for better user experience. The result was a 90% traffic boost.

7. Avella Specialty Pharmacy
Avella Specialty Pharmacy had sixteen stores in different parts of the country, but was performing dismally in organic search. Their customers had to use different channels to try and find them, which was a big peeve for clients. They engaged a team thatdid a full website audit followed by improving user experience at every stage of the online discovery process.

In just three months, the company had a delightful improvement, including 36% boost in ranking for local search, 22% organic search boost, 150% more online reviews, 71% boost in online channel distribution and 107% more published listings.

8. FedEx

Well-known shipping and courier delivery giants, FedEx was unable to register consistent traffic to their site, as well as conversions. They approached a local team looking for strategies to increase local and organic search traffic for their platform, covering over 2,500 local FedEx offices countrywide.

Following full-site audit, keyword research, Google listing optimization and some site design modifications, the company had an organic traffic boost of 50% and 26% increase in conversions by the end of the period.

9. Brian L. Britton, DDS
Texas-based dental services provider Brian L. Britton approached a local SEO agency with a single request: that they promote his family-based business to bring him more clients locally. The team implemented a comprehensive local SEO strategy which saw an increase of 211% in new traffic and 158% increase in sessions in just six months.

10.H&T Group
UK-based leading pawnbrokers H&T Group have over 190 local locations in various parts of the United Kingdom. Through location-based keyword research and schema markup integration, among other local SEO strategies, the company moved to first position in local-based search queries for most of their locations.

Evans Walsh - Maximizer Guest Blogger Evans Walsh is a freelance content writer. He has written many articles on Technology,
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