5 Benefits of centralising your business data

5 Benefits of centralising your business dataBusinesses continue to collate more and more data. However, what is key to a company’s strategy is the successful interpretation and application of customer data. To get the best results, managing and maintaining key information requires a structured and well-planned strategy. But before you can analyse your findings, centralising your dispersed data via a single platform and by definition, creating ‘one single version of the truth’ is the first step on the road to data management success.

In this blog, we highlight 5 reasons why centralising data will enhance your business.

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Got Cloud Computing Questions? Get them Answered!

Got Cloud Computing Questions? Get them Answered!Cloud computing is hailed as the preeminent advancement for 21st Century businesses. However, it’s easy to be overwhelmed with the sheer amount of information available on the cloud and making a reliable evaluation can be time consuming and complicated. To help, we have brought together a brief guide to explain the top 5 questions frequently posed by businesses considering cloud software.

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Reaching Your Target Audience

Reaching Your Target AudienceYou’ve done it. You’ve created your own online business and have products or services to sell. Your website is up and running and easy to navigate, full of pictures of your products accompanied by detailed, engaging product descriptions. You’ve also checked that your shopping cart works. Yet, that might not be enough.

In today’s digital world, it`s necessary to define your strategy for business growth. You have to reach your target audience quickly or your website, along with your products, becomes lost in the sea of SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). So, how do you do that?

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Understanding Investor Bias to Better Serve your Clients


While many individuals argue they are rational, independent thinkers, the reality is we’re all human and subject to biases, shaped by our experiences and emotions. And nowhere is this more evident than in investing. 

According to a recent report from BMO Wealth Management, “Generational Perspectives”, people of the same generation demonstrate similar biases when it comes to handling their money. 

As an advisor, part of your job is helping clients put “head over heart” when it comes to building a diversified portfolio, protected against risk. By understanding their common mistakes, you can better coach clients on how to reach their long-term goals. 

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Identify your Profitable Customers to Increase Revenues

BY Tom Jager - Guest Blogger
November 21, 2017

Identify your profitable customers to increase revenuesBusinesses today are spending thousands of dollars on getting new customers. While increasing your customer base certainly sounds great, many forget about retaining the existing customers. This strategy can cause a number of challenges because the probability of selling to an existing customer is actually much higher than to a new prospect.

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