Maximizer CRM Wealth Manager Gets a New Name

Maximizer CRM for Financial AdvisorsBack in 2012, when Maximizer CRM Wealth Manager was first launched, the mission was simple—provide a client relationship management solution for wealth managers. We accomplished this remarkably quickly and with each release, developed our solution beyond the expectations of the market and our customers. As our product evolves, we thought the name should change too—which is why we’re introducing Maximizer CRM for Financial Advisors.

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5 Tips To Build Employee Motivation and Morale

5 Tips To Build Employee Motivation and MoraleEmployers play a major role in improving their workers’ motivation and morale. Low morale and motivation can quickly lead to poor cooperation and decreased productivity at the workplace. This can in turn hinder the business from reaching its goals and achieving the required amounts of success. It is thus vital to come up with effective strategies to build employee motivation and morale. Here are my top five strategies to improve your employees’ morale and productivity.

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Introducing Maximizer Connect for Excel Quotes

Successful CRM users understand that their system acts as a central repository of customer and prospect information. When used effectively, it empowers salespeople to track and qualify incoming leads, and enables management to visualize their sales pipeline at both the company and rep levels.

But getting the best return-on-investment from your CRM ultimately depends on realizing productivity gains: salespeople – from reps to the director – need to complete tasks in as few clicks as possible.

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Top 4 Tips to Working Successfully with Retirement-Age Investors

ips to Working with Retirement-Age Investors
2015 marked a demographic milestone: for the first time ever, there were more people in Canada aged 65-plus than there were under age 15. By 2036, one in four Canadians could be 65 or older.

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The Rise of SMAC

The Rise of SMACThe Internet of Things. The Third Platform. Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud – or SMAC, for short. The rise of SMAC seems meteoric and pervasive. People who don’t have a smartphone or use social media are outsiders, rather than the norm. So how did this come to be?

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