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Unhacked, cloud and backup providers with the strongest security today

cloud and backup providers with the strongest security todayHow relaxed do you feel when you roam around with your car keys, whose duplicate versions have been stored as a backup in a safe place?

And while availing the services of cloud backup providers for your business’ data, the same feeling is bound to exist. After all, your local data would be backed up online on one or more servers that are safeguarded by the service providers. You also use backup services. In this way, when your local data is no longer available (due to it being deleted or because of any other similar reason), you can quickly restore it from the cloud.

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LinkedIn Marketing – Top 7 Strategies for Making Connections at Live Events

LinkedIn MarketingEvent marketing, especially when done through LinkedIn, is one of the most effective ways of increasing attendance and engagement for your next event. With over 396 million individuals online, LinkedIn represents a huge opportunity for event promotion. Although most marketers generally prefer to use this platform for lead generation, very few even today have been using it specifically in order to promote their events online.

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Working efficiently as a mobile financial advisor



You’ve probably been hearing about mobile advisors lately, and may even be wondering if it’s the right direction for your business. Evolving from an office-based practice to a mobile one can benefit both you and your clients. When you use the tools and strategies that help you operate most effectively, it can also pay off by helping you expand your business.

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How CRM changed cloud and cloud changed CRM

How CRM changed cloud and cloud changed CRMCRM (Customer Relationship Management) is one of the forerunners of cloud technologies and remains one of the great success stories in the space and itself has been dramatically changed as it has moved from an on network led market to the verge of being dominated by cloud offerings.

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How We Strive for Customer Success

We strive for customer successAt Maximizer, we know two things for sure:

  1. The path to success involves getting high value out of your investment in technology
  2. Happy customers are loyal customers – which is good for everyone

With these two simple points in mind, we’ve developed a set of resources designed to ensure that your experience with Maximizer CRM is a great one from the day you start your Free Trial!

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