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Tax Season – The perfect sales opportunity?


It’s getting close to that dreaded time of year… tax season… where folks across Canada start anticipating either the bonus of a quick cash injection or the threat of underpaid installments on the year’s income. While this is peak season for tax professionals, it could in fact represent a big sales opportunity for advisors.

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Top Three Ways to Drive Customer Loyalty Through Gamification

Top Three Ways to Drive Customer Loyalty Through GamificationThe idea of motivating customers through rewards is hardly a new concept. At a time when our wallets are bursting at the seams with reward cards, punch cards and coupon cash, how can a brand stake a claim at the forefront of a customer’s mind and motivate genuine loyalty? A run-of-the-mill loyalty program doesn’t quite cut the mustard in today’s high-stakes economy. Gamification is a motivating strategy, that consists of integrating gaming techniques into a loyalty program in order to motivate engage, and solidify positive customer brand loyalty.

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Why Millennial Investors are Worth the Effort

As one of the ‘millennial’ generation I’m all too aware of the financial challenges my peers and I face – the high cost of tuition, increasing house prices, and a competitive job market – all while planning ahead for the future and trying to enjoy new experiences in the here and now.  With all the competing priorities for our money we might not look like  perfect clients for advisors, but my latest blog post explains why it’s worth putting in the groundwork with us today to reap the benefits in the future.

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5 Tools To Measure A Website’s SEO Authority

5 Tools To Measure A Website's SEO AuthorityThe best way to measure a website’s SEO authority is hotly debated among SEO professionals. It’s really no surprise, as Google is notoriously secretive about what their algorithms actually measure. We’re left analyzing the scraps of information that Google periodically reveals, and also looking towards other companies to fill in the blanks.

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Content Marketing Methods That Still Work And Are Safe

Content Marketing Methods That Still Work And Are SafeManaging your website can be cumbersome, especially with the ever growing competition and customer demands. This is because although the virtual platform is a smart way to venture out into the global market, it requires a fair investment of time and effort. Also, the transparent framework is more of a hindrance bringing all your shortcomings to the fore. Content marketing and management is the need of the hour; discussed below are the top 5 content marketing solutions that are still effective and absolutely safe to use.

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