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Remote Access and Working From Home

In theory, no additional licensing is required to access your Maximizer CRM database from home. If you have the Maximizer CRM Live (Cloud) version or an up-to-date Maximizer CRM On-Premise version installed on a server that is set-up to allow access from outside your company, then you should be able to work from home already. 
However, if you have a legacy On-Premise version of Maximizer this may need to be updated to a newer version, or the database transferred to our CRM Live (Cloud) version to enable remote access.
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You will need to know the web address / URL for the Maximizer CRM database you are trying to access, as well as your normal login details.

If you use Maximizer CRM Live (Cloud) then you should be able to connect via the Log-In link on our website (, then gain access using your email address and login details.

If you use Maximizer CRM (On Premise) then you will need to have the web access details for Maximizer from your system administrator or Maximizer Business Partner.

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Maximizer CRM Live uses https protocols to encrypt data that is transferred from our Cloud to your Computer’s Web Browser.

If you use our Maximizer CRM On-Premise Software we would recommend that your system administrator set up the access using https, this may well require a digital certificate and some additional cost.

In addition to using https, we would recommend that all browsers used to access Maximizer are up-to-date and that the computer you use to access the CRM database has the latest Anti-Virus software installed.

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The latest versions of Maximizer either CRM Live (Cloud) or CRM (On Premise) provide access for Mobile and Tablet through standard browsers using a slightly different URL to that used on a Laptop or Desktop.

In addition, there is a separate Mobile App that can be installed on your device free of charge from the Apple or Google store. Please ask your administrator or Partner for details.

There are no additional costs for the Mobile Access or Mobile App but you will need a current version of Maximizer.

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All the standard and familiar features of Maximizer Web Access, including Reporting and Dashboards, still work just as well remotely as they do in your office environment.

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This is pretty straight forward as our On-Premise and Cloud database structure is very similar. If you wish to move to CRM Live (Cloud) we have professional services specifically to help with this transition. The move can sometimes be done outside normal working hours and requires a back-up of your existing data which we will then upgrade and transfer.

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Give our Support Team or your Business Partner a call right now and we can add new users for CRM Live very quickly or get additional license keys generated for On-Premise implementations within a few hours. These can usually be installed via remote access or we can talk your admin team through the required steps.

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