Maximizer announces Interactions Tab – a new way to manage customer communications and more in the latest release.

Interactions Tab, at a glance:

  • Stay better connected and keep the pace – view ALL your touchpoints with each customer
  • Gain valuable insights – generate detailed touchpoint reports and gauge their impact across various modules (like Leads and Opportunities)

Also in this release:

  • Performing and saving an advanced search in the Leads module
  • Creating and tracking leads from external sources (like pay-per-click) to measure campaign success.

Easily View & Manage All Customer Touchpoints

Interactions represent instances of communication, or “touchpoints” between a company, a customer or a prospect. In the CRM lifecycle, tracking interactions helps by providing additional details and context about a particular contact. Now you can find all your touchpoints with a contact within your CRM under one tab so you can stay better connected with the target market and strategize the frequency and medium of your communication with prospects/customers effectively.

Interaction Module within Maximizer CRM

Interaction Reporting for Valuable Customer Insights

This tool measures how your team members are interacting with your customers and leads within your CRM. Activities such as an appointment, a phone chat, an SMS, and more can be viewed and accessed across the Leads, Address Book, Opportunities, and Customer Service Modules.

Interactions Reporting in the Leads Module

And More Improvements….

You can now perform and save advanced searches in the Leads Module by specifying additional fields and parameters to present results that are most relevant to you.

You can create your own unique and generic campaigns to track leads from external sources like pay-per-click and other sources to get an overarching view of your best lead generation channels within Maximizer CRM.

For more details regarding this release, please view our new features guide here.

To view Interactions in action, check out the video put together by Jin Yu, one of our Product Managers here at Maximizer.


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