Maximizer CRM 103 On-Demand Training

The final installment of our free online training will round out your CRM skill set and turn you into a Maximizer Power User! A full training agenda can be found on this page, below the embedded video.

Maximizer CRM 103 Training Agenda

How do I make best use of the Word Integration? 

  • Create document templates from scratch
  • Convert contracts into document templates
  • Capture templates from earlier Maximizer versions


How do I report on what I have been doing?

  • Export to Excel for quick and easy reporting
  • Use Dashboards for strong visual messages
  • Use other built-in reports as needed


How do I use Maximizer’s advanced tools?

  • Use Import to add or update entries
  • Use Global Edit to easily change multiple entries

How do I keep my data current and accurate?

  • Convert one entry to another
  • Prevent, find, and resolve duplicates


How do I use the Administrator Module?

  • Manage Users
  • Manage Categories and other areas of interest
  • Set up Date Last Contacted
  • Set up and use Auditing


How do I extend my Maximizer?

  • Take advantage of the App Directory

Support Resources available to you

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