Maximizer CRM 101 On-Demand Training

This first installment of our free online training will cover how to get started with Maximizer Live CRM, and the basics of setting up your initial data. A full training agenda can be found on this page, below the embedded video.

Maximizer CRM 101 Training Agenda

Review of basic on-boarding concepts

  • Modules, Menus, Tabbed Following Windows


How do I add an entry once I am in?

  • Understand the 3 types of entries
  • Add an entry: Edit menu, Add icon
  • Add an entry using right click in place
  • Import a list of entries


How do I find that entry later? 

  • View: All Entries or a selection of entries
  • Search for a specific entry
  • Quick Search for your entries
  • Retrieve associated entries

How do I contact that entry?

  • By phone, email and/or snail mail


How do I keep track of what I do with that entry?

  • Notes, Documents, Tasks, Appointments
  • Use Notifications for important events
  • Using the Outlook integration


How do I change the way things look?

  • Set your Preferences
  • Select from the tabbed following windows
  • Select modules from the Icon bar
  • Change your column setups

Support Resources available to you

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