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Collier Pickard is a specialist CRM consultancy. Formed in 2004, the team has 100+ man-years of experience with the Maximizer product family and over 200 customers across the UK.

Much of the success of Collier Pickard’s Maximizer deployments can be linked to their long-term commitment to understanding their clients’ business and therefore delivering services that enhance users’ Return on Investment. Their consultative process is driven by each customer’s unique requirements. From customised user education, through innovative application extensions, to bespoke development, ongoing technical support and audits to identify further opportunities for business improvement, Collier Pickard provides a single source of experience and expertise to companies implementing Maximizer CRM.

Their experience, combined with their proven methodology, enables a smooth software implementation and a high-quality, swift deployment.

Collier Pickard—

  • Chosen by small firms for local support
  • Chosen by multinationals against major consultancies
  • Chosen for its depth of knowledge of Maximizer and the CRM world
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  • Simon Pickard
  • +44 (0)1959 560410
  • The Old Calf House, Chevening Road, Sundridge, Kent, TN14 6AB, United Kingdom
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