Maximizer CRM Live Pricing

15-day trial


2-4 users

$55 /month

Per user (billed every 2 years)

SALE! Ends Aug 31, 2017

Regular price: $60/mo ($120 off per user)

5-9 users

$50 /month

Per user (billed every 2 years)

SALE! Ends Aug 31, 2017

Regular price: $55/mo ($120 off per user)

10+ users

$45 /month

Per user (billed every 2 years)

SALE! Ends Aug 31, 2017

Regular price: $50/mo ($120 off per user)

Included for all Financial Advisor CRM users

  • All sales, marketing, and customer service features
  • Unlimited contacts, leads, opportunities, and custom fields
  • Unlimited live support *
  • Outlook, Word, and Excel integration
  • E-mail marketing, tracking, and analytics
  • 75GB storage on our cloud, no limits on your server
  • A CRM built by advisors, for advisors
  • Investment account & insurance policy management
  • Hundreds of industry-specific fields, including KYC
  • Consolidated household views
  • Industry-standard business processes & workflows
Nelson Cheng, CEO, Sterling Mutuals

“We are well-known in the industry for having an advanced back-office that supports our advisors. Linking Maximizer CRM functionality to this platform only makes our technology setup more efficient.”

Nelson Cheng, CEO
Sterling Mutuals

Kevin J. Tinnerman, President, Steele Capital Management

“Our brokers love that they can simply log in and access each client’s complete history, make changes, track the services we have provided – it helps them build their own businesses and relationships with clients.”

Kevin J. Tinnerman, President
Steele Capital Management

A few of our 120,000+ customers
Explore features Cloud On-Premise
Access Options Mobile Access for Smartphones (iPhone, Android and Blackberry)
Mobile Access for Tablets (iPad, Android, and Blackberry Playbook)
Sales Sales Force Automation
Sales Forecasting
Sales Executive Dashboards
Sales Funnel Reports
Leads Management and Routing
Opportunity Management
Opportunity Monitoring (Alerts)
Sales Action Plan (Project Management)
Territory Management
Sales Quota Management
Quotation Management
Marketing Mass Emailing
Customer Segmentation
Customer List Management
Web Lead Capture
Automated Email Campaigns
Marketing Automation & Campaign Management
Manage Respondent Lists
Campaign ROI Calculator
Do-Not-Solicit Options (With Anti-Spam Functionality)
Email Campaign Metrics (Total Sent, Received, Opened, etc.)
Customer Service & Support Customer Service Case Management (Routing, Queuing, Agent Workloads, Alerts)
Customer Service Cases, Billing, Queue Reports
Customer Service Executive Dashboards
Automatic Case Creation via Incoming Email
Service Billing
Automated Case Monitoring & Alerts
Knowledge Base for Storing Common Cases and Resolutions
Business Productivity Customer Timeline (At a Glance History of All Communications)
Email, Letter, Fax Templates with Merge Fields
Built-in Templates for Email and Campaigns (Pre-built Formatting, Merge Fields, Links for CASL)
Unlimited Custom Fields (User-Defined Fields)
Customizable Mandatory Fields
Unlimited Column Views (Column Setups)
Efficient Selection of Individual or Teams' Customization Settings (Saved Searches, Column Setups, Favorite Lists)
Photos for Accounts and Users
Multi-User Calendar
Task Management
Document Management
Unlimited Notes and Documents with Each Account
Advanced Searching and List Building
Duplicate Recording Checking
Mass Editing of Records
Customer and Prospect Action Plans
Customizable Home Page (My Work Day)
Data Import/Export (CSV, XLS & Other Standard Formats)
CTI (Computer Telephony Integration)
VOIP Integration
Business Intelligence Built-in and Customizable Dashboards
Crystal Reports
SQL Reports (SSRS)
Web Reports
Excel Reports
Customizations, Architecture, Security & Administration Meta Data Customizations
Full and Read-Only Access Settings
Field-Level Security
Role-Based Security Groups
Administrator Controlled Live Updates for Installations
Windows Authentication for SQL Server (requires SQL Server)
Microsoft Products Support & Integration MS Outlook
MS Word
MS Excel
MS SharePoint

$240 savings per user per year applies to ten+ (10+) user, two (2) year subscriptions. $50 per user per month pricing / $180 savings per user per year applies to five to nine user, two (2) year subscriptions. $55 per user per month pricing / $120 savings per user per year applies to two to four user, two (2) year subscriptions. $240 off applies to 1 user, 1 year subscription MSRP. Renewals and future add-on licenses billed at current MSRP tier level. Offer subject to change or cancellation at any time.

* Customer support does not include training or customization/configuration of your environment. Complimentary live training webinars are available to all customers 6 times per week.

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