Visualize your goals.

Insights helps visualize data, make decisions and take action faster than
any other CRM.

More than just better dashboards

You've used dashboards before, but not like this. Quick and easy to build, filter and share. Visualize your data in minutes, no data analytics experience required.

Adaptive analytics

See the big picture, the fine details, and everything in between, with built in business intelligence and analytics. Compare period over period performance and we'll do the math for you. Change your desired view in real time with a click of a mouse.

Coach your team

Use accurate near real time data to guide your team towards their targets. Click through to edit your detail records, spot issues before they become problems, share the wins and reinforce what's working.

Introducing, Insights.

Visualize Data

Quickly and easily create reports in dashboards with point and click. Use our pre-built templates to save time.

Dynamic Dashboards
CRM users are familiar with static dashboards. Our unique dynamic dashboards allow users to toggle data on and off as needed or you may choose to hover over legends to visualize and filter the data that’s important.

We do the heavy lifting for you. Formulas that calculate growth, year over year comparisons and other key performance indicators are built into Insights so you can be productive immediately.

Our drill down feature allows you to go from the big picture to the smallest of details easily and seamlessly.
Click Through
Direct access to the full CRM records right from the dashboard charts.
Goal Tracking

Dashboards rapidly switch between team view and individual view so you can set goals and effectively have coaching conversations with your team.


Export either the full dashboard or just the widget in those expert reports you just built. No more screenshots required.

Available in: PDF/CSV/XLS/PNG formats.

Limitless Insights
Just like your business potential, our Maximizer CRM Insights widgets and dashboards are unlimited.  Copy and build as many elements as you need.

Update and share dashboards with team members or send them an email with a PDF copy.