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Deliver exceptional client service with a CRM solution designed with your entire practice in mind. Maximizer CRM for Financial Advisors comes packed with tools to keep your practice organized, simplify compliance, and help you prepare for future growth.

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Practice management

Financial Practice Management

Consistently deliver exceptional service with an easy-to-use solution designed to make your practice run seamlessly.

Shared address book | Household structure

Shared address book

Store all your client contacts, notes and key documents in one place — and never waste time hunting down a communication again. Perform quick searches on client relationships. And recall favorite searches at a click.

Household structure

What’s different about Maximizer is that contacts are organized into households. Quickly find a spouse or children — along with their products, like insurance policies or a mutual fund.

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“We envisage Maximizer to be the sales and operations backbone of our company that’s going to enable us to provide a seamless experience to our clients throughout each of their life stages.”

Matt Welykholowa
Vice President, Operations

Thrive Wealth Management

Stay compliant

Stay In Compliance

Maximizer makes compliance easy. Track all communications for a quantifiable book of business — increasing its resale value.

Track every client call | Track every client email

Track every client call

Keep complete records of every client call with automatic call logging. See who your team contacted, along with call date, time and length at a glance. Capture call details in notes that are searchable by keyword.

Track every client email

Recall specific emails in seconds, individually or by thread, with tight Outlook and Gmail integration. Save emails to client records automatically, and create rules for when and how you save.

Proof of regulatory compliance | Standardized data and reporting

Automatic audit trails

Automate audit trail creation with a filterable history of changes to address book fields, notes and documents. See who made a change, when it was changed, and the exact changes made. Easily output a report you can hand to an auditor.

Standardized data and reporting

Shrink your data mountain to a molehill. Standardize field rules and easily merge data across records, for improved reporting and risk analysis. Plus, save your favorite searches for export into Excel templates at a click.

Automatic audit trails | ??

Proof of regulatory compliance

Track the date of all client meets and what was discussed. Search and filter to quickly retrieve info, including KYC and account reviews. Prove CRM2 compliance across all clients or advisors. *Canada Only

Enterprise-level security

Create unlimited security roles and assign them to as many new users as you want. Have every data point encrypted, on top of 2-level security. Control who can view and edit any record or a specific data capture field.

All-In-One CRM Software. One Price. Cloud or On-Premise.


Improve productivity

Improve productivity

Empower every member of your team with mobile-friendly tools. Drive productivity and organization anytime, anywhere.

Shared calendar…

Shared calendar

Run your day from anywhere with Maximizer’s mobile-friendly calendar. Review your prioritized to-do list at a glance. Check colleague calendars, schedule appointments and confirm meeting attendance on the fly.

Mobile CRM

Take your office wherever you go using a feature-rich mobile-friendly CRM. Manage calendars, prepare for meetings — get a graphical dashboard view of chosen indicators — and much more, from the palm of your hand.

Image Below(Shared calendar)

Simplified import.. | Simplified IT management

Simplified import & export

Update product details by importing data from back office systems without help from IT. Just drag and drop a file and have Maximizer hand-hold you through the rest. At a click, export data to Excel for deeper analysis.

Simplified IT management

Get seamless access to every new feature and patch, along with world-class security — with our cloud service, CRM Live. Have us handle updates and infrastructure, and protect your client records inside our Tier IV-certified data centers.

Easy to customize | Free live training webinars

Easy to customize

Get a pre-configured solution you can easily customize. With unlimited action plans and fields, match Maximizer’s automated workflows to your process stages. Plus, quickly personalize page layouts to show only the fields you need.

Free live training webinars

Ensure adoption across your team and have them get the most value from your investment. Crush learning curves with our live training webinars six times a week, full customer support and tailored lesson plans.

Our Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board

Darren Coleman | Rick Erven | Dave Grice

Darren Coleman

Darren Coleman
Coleman Wealth – Raymond James

Rick Erven

Rick Erven
Investment Planning Counsel

Dave Grice

Dave Grice
Manulife Financial

Afif Jawad | Michael Kettner | Frank Napolitano

Afif Jawad

Afif Jawad

Michael Kettner

Michael Kettner
Kettner Benefits

Frank Napolitano

Frank Napolitano
Frank Napolitano Wealth

Pedro Ostia-Vega | James Pelmore

Pedro Ostia-Vega

Pedro Ostia-Vega
Coleman Wealth – Raymond James

James Pelmore

James Pelmore
Clearplan Wealth Management – Holliswealth

All-In-One CRM Software. One Price. Cloud or On-Premise.


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