Maximizer CRM For Financial Advisors


“We envisage Maximizer to be the sales and operations backbone of our company that’s going to enable us to provide a seamless experience to our clients throughout each of their life stages”.

Matt Welykholowa
Vice President, Operations
Thrive Wealth Management

Built By Advisors For Advisors

Before building Maximizer’s Financial Advisor Edition, we did a deep dive into the needs of the Thrive Wealth Management Team. We understand that time is money advisors. Our objective was to create a product with that eases adoption and minimizes implementation time. Consulting with their team allowed us to configure Maximizer precisely to the needs of Canadian Financial Advisors and their teams.

Raymond James
National Bank
Investment Planning Counsel

Manage Your Book of Business With Maximizer

Don’t waste any time getting up and running. Maximizer is fully catered to your needs out of the box so that you can spend your time growing your total assets under management and not setting up your CRM.

Household Structure

Fast and accurate view of your client’s family member information.

500+ Industry-Specific Fields & Views

Easily record and recall extensive client details in pre-configured custom fields 

40+ Custom Workflows

Action-oriented standardized workflows cover all critical business processes 

Quick Access Links to Key Information

Examples include households not contacted in 180 days, retrieve all households, retrieve all contacts. 

Business Screenshot

Improve Your Teams Productivity

Efficiently coordinate with team members and track every interaction, that every team member, had with every client.

Shared calendar

Run your day from anywhere with Maximizer’s mobile-friendly calendar. Review your prioritized to-do list at a glance. Check colleague calendars, schedule appointments and confirm meeting attendance on the fly.

Mobile Access

Take your office wherever you go using a feature-rich mobile-friendly CRM. Manage calendars, prepare for meetings — get a graphical dashboard view of chosen indicators — and much more, from the palm of your hand.


Track future date driven activities such as KYC/Quarterly/Insurance Needs/ in the next 30/60/90 days.

Track Address Changes

Automate audit trail creation with a filterable history of changes to address book fields, notes, and documents. 


Brad Hartfield
Manager Strategic Accounts

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Brad has been helping businesses deploy successful customer relationship management strategies for the last 20 years.  His mission is the skillful delivery of client management solutions that meet the true business needs and align with customer’s objectives. Brad started his career as a Solutions Architect before moving into strategic account management and combines technical aptitude with a deep curiosity for his clients business challenges. He now exclusively works with wealth management teams to drive client retention and growth.

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