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Why ‘Customer Lifetime Value’ Matters To Your Business

BY Alison Smith - Head of Marketing EMEA
October 11, 2018

Successful Segmentation - How to Work Your Data Assets

15 Ways to Supercharge Your Business - Week 6

Here’s a question for you: do you know who your most valuable customers are?

In my experience, companies large and small make the mistake - at great cost to their business – of assuming they know the answer to this. But those assumptions are often outdated, or based on guesswork and instinct.

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Successful Segmentation – How to Work Your Data Assets

BY Alison Smith - Head of Marketing EMEA
October 2, 2018

Successful Segmentation - How to Work Your Data Assets

15 Ways to Supercharge Your Business - Week 5

Congratulations to those of you who have come on board with our 15 Ways to Supercharge Your Business Growth programme - we are already a third of the way along our path to learning how to adapt our businesses to the demands of the New Customer Journey.

Last week we zeroed in on the role of intelligent data management as the bedrock of so many vital areas of your business, in particular customer insight and engagement, efficient sales processes, strategic decision-making and maximising growth opportunities. This leads neatly to this week’s theme – data segmentation.

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Are you Drowning in the Data Deluge? Here’s How to Swim

BY Alison Smith - Head of Marketing EMEA
September 27, 2018

Drowning in the Data Deluge? Here's How to Swim

Data Deluge

15 Ways to Supercharge Your Business - Week 4

With more and more of you signing up to our new programme - 15 Ways to Supercharge Your Business Growth – we’re delighted that you’re putting our free eBooks, worksheets and best practice guides to immediate use and building your action plan for the New Customer Journey.

One of the most frequent stumbling blocks to delivering superior CX is your organisation’s data – the theme of this week’s programme content, available exclusively if you sign up to receive our 15 daily emails.

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7 Reasons Why Business Intelligence Is Vital To Business Success

BY Mike Richardson, Managing Director - EMEA
September 25, 2018
Business Intelligence Business Success

In today’s customer-centric, digital-first world, many business owners and managers are bombarded with ‘information overload’ and are urgently seeking ways to derive greater control, understanding and intelligence from their organisation’s data.


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How to Unlock the Secrets of The New Customer Journey

BY Alison Smith - Head of Marketing EMEA
September 20, 2018

How to Unlock the Secrets of The New Customer Journey

15 Ways to Supercharge Your Business - Week 3

Thank you to those of you who have already given us positive feedback on our 15 Ways to Supercharge Your Business programme! It’s great to see so many of you engaging with the content in your weekly emails, designed to help you analyse and adapt your business processes to the new, digital-first expectations of your customers and prospects.

Last week we took our first steps on the path to exploring the New Customer Journey, looking at the drivers behind the fundamental changes in customer behaviour and the typical stages of their journey from initial interest to point of purchase (and beyond).

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What Is The New Customer Journey? (And How to Master It)

BY Alison Smith - Head of Marketing EMEA
September 13, 2018

15 Ways to Take Advantage of Your New Customer Journey

We’re excited that so many of you have already signed up to our 15 Day Programme: The New Customer Journey!

As I introduced in my first blog last week, the emails that you – as valued participants in our Programme – will receive each week are designed to steer you through the course of the programme to help to bring your sales and marketing approach firmly into line with the demands and expectations of the modern, digital-first customer. Each email gives you access to great tools and information that will set you on the path to business growth.

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15 Ways to Take Advantage of Your New Customer Journey

BY Alison Smith - Head of Marketing EMEA
September 6, 2018

15 Ways to Take Advantage of Your New Customer Journey

The way that buyers behave and engage with your business has changed fundamentally over the last five years. It’s no exaggeration to say that businesses who fail to bring their strategy into line with the new needs and expectations of today’s customers and prospects, will be left behind by quicker-moving, more digitally-savvy, customer-centric competitors.

So how do you go about adapting your business to the New Customer Journey?

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5 Cost-Effective Strategies to Kickstart your Digital Transformation

BY Niall Auburn, Marketing Specialist - CRM Wealth Manager
August 15, 2018

5 cost-effective strategies to kickstart your Digital Transformation

Peer-to-peer lending. KYC services. AI. Stock & trading apps. What some are calling a “tsunami” of fintech innovation is washing across the financial services sector. Disruption isn’t exactly toppling incumbents left and right. But the impact is very real.

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NEW: MYOB and CRM Live Integration! Connecting Sales and Finance like Never Before

BY Jan Carter - Head of Product & Development
August 13, 2018

MYOB and CRM Live Integration! Connecting Sales and Finance like Never Before

Kiwis and Aussies have got a whole new reason to love using CRM Live this week. Introducing a brand new integration with Australia and New Zealand’s #1 accounting solution for SME’s -- MYOB!

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6 Essential Tactics for Culling Garbage Data from Your CRM

BY Jan Carter - Head of Product & Development
April 5, 2018

The acid observation, “garbage in, garbage out” is as true 20 years ago as it is today. Whether your database runs on your server, a third-party cloud service – or an immutable block chain ledger – your contact information is only as good as what you put in. And now with new innovations promising to supercharge CRM, getting rid of inaccurate, outdated and redundant data has never been more important to businesses who want to keep their competitive edge.

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7 Killer Strategies That Lead to Rock-Solid Contact Management

BY Vivek Thomas - President
March 7, 2018

Your vendor, prospect and customer contact information is like the oil in your business’s engine. It enables your outward-facing team to keeping humming along efficiently. But like motor oil, your contact information degrades over time. You need to be regularly topping it up to ensure everything is accurate and up-to-date.

Maintaining clean, accurate contact information can be really challenging, however, when those contacts are fragmented across multiple Excel files, or Gmail and Outlook accounts. These disjointed records lead to duplicates, mistakes, missed follow-ups and lost opportunities. While managers find it almost impossible to forecast accurately or get visibility into their team’s performance.

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Get it together! – with a new Hubspot connection

BY Jan Carter - Head of Product & Development
February 14, 2018

You depend on your many business apps. Like a surgeon’s tools, each serves a very specific purpose. You’d never give up that precise functionality. Still, you need to bring your data together to align your teams. And manual data entry is just tedious.

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Database Corruption – Why Back-Ups Alone Can’t Protect Your CRM Data

BY Reg Robazza, Director Customer + Information Systems (Americas)
February 13, 2018

Database Corruption - Why Back-Ups Alone Can't Protect Your CRM Data

Your business's success hinges on the accuracy and integrity of your customer data. That's why you go to great lengths to ensure proper disaster prevention and recovery. But while many companies back up their CRM database every day, a surprising number still don't have a grasp on how to protect against database corruption.

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5 Benefits of centralising your business data

BY Alison Smith - Head of Marketing EMEA
December 14, 2017

5 Benefits of centralising your business dataBusinesses continue to collate more and more data. However, what is key to a company’s strategy is the successful interpretation and application of customer data. To get the best results, managing and maintaining key information requires a structured and well-planned strategy. But before you can analyse your findings, centralising your dispersed data via a single platform and by definition, creating ‘one single version of the truth’ is the first step on the road to data management success.

In this blog, we highlight 5 reasons why centralising data will enhance your business.

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Connect Your Business-Critical Apps

BY Jan Carter - Head of Product & Development
October 25, 2017

Connect Your Business-Critical Apps

You want to see everything to do with each customer in order to deliver effective, timely service and win customer loyalty. But your business likely uses multiple apps – your email, your accounting software and more. Unfortunately, these apps don't always talk well to each other, creating data silos that hamstring your ability to work quickly.

We recognize our customers' needs for easy, cost-effective connectivity. And that's why we've revamped Maximizer CRM to integrate all your tools, effortlessly. The App Directory connects your diverse business-critical apps, bringing you closer to customers, prospects and business partners than ever before.

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Take the Guesswork out of your Strategy

BY Diego Lunardi, Head Of Business Development - EMEA
September 28, 2017

Take the Guesswork out of your StrategyYou are in business to make a profit. Can you reliably tell which customers are helping fulfil that goal? You have probably identified the customers that interact with you most frequently, but does their frequency realistically mean they will bring you profit?

The reality is that not all customers are created equal; in fact, some require such significant support that they can rapidly eat into your profitability or even generate a loss.

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Addressing The Need To Change And Getting The Very Best From Your Teams

BY Mike Richardson, Managing Director - EMEA
September 21, 2017

Addressing The Need To Change And Getting The Very Best From Your TeamsA 5 Tip guide to team buy-in

Your business may recognise the need to change, embrace new processes or implement a cutting edge piece of equipment or software. As much as the need for change is acknowledged, it’s possible you may find your biggest challenge is getting company-wide buy-in. Resistance to change can be due to numerous reasons, but the underlying explanation is often connected to emotions. Perhaps it’s the fear of the unknown, apprehension that the change will result in a loss of position or control, shifting priorities, apprehension over having to learn new systems or the secret worry about appearing inept. Other areas of concern could be that the change will bring a greater workload or staff have had previous experiences where poor execution caused turmoil.

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5 Reasons Why Attending An Event Moves You From Credible To Incredible

BY Amanda Stockhill - Content Specialist EMEA
September 14, 2017

5 Reasons Why Attending An Event Moves You From Credible To Incredible“Everything I have ever learnt in life I learnt from social media” said nobody, ever. Whilst we live in connected, information rich times, there is only so much you can learn from reading blogs and white papers. Interaction, the pooling of experience and ideas: that’s where motivation, inspiration and innovation can be helped to grow.

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Segment for success

BY Alison Smith - Head of Marketing EMEA
September 7, 2017

Segment for successData. Your company collects it, stores it. You have lots of it because as every business knows, it’s a vital asset. However, all this storing, saving, collating, collecting customer data serves no purpose unless it is used to assist and improve customer engagement, business decisions, processes and growth. – How can you monetise your data? One word: segmentation.

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Catch and keep prospects

BY Alison Smith - Head of Marketing EMEA
August 31, 2017

Catch and keep prospectsGrowing competition has forced businesses to become more and more creative in their attempts to capture the imagination of the buying audience. As imaginative as sales tactics are, they have revolved around one very simple principle: a strong promotional sales message with the aim of a prospect talking to a salesperson leading to a purchase.

Yet in recent times, the sales model has undergone a radical change. Customers have access to multiple sources of information to conduct their own research before they buy, rather than the traditional route of seeking advice from a brand’s sales team.

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Advisor Technology: Why it’s Worth the Money

BY John Easton, Director of Wealth Management
July 12, 2017

Advisor Technology: Why it’s Worth the MoneyNot long ago, most advisors managed contacts with the rolodex. But computerization has revolutionized the industry. It continues to evolve rapidly today, with a new financial technology rolling off the production line almost every day. While it’s easy to see how all this change benefits investors, advisors stand to benefit too. Indeed, a recent study by Fidelity Investments shows that “eAdvisors” - those using twice as many technologies as their peers - have more high net worth clients and higher AUM.

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Ransomware attack cripples companies worldwide

BY Grant Chapman - Guest Blogger
May 25, 2017

Ransomware attack cripples companies worldwideCyber criminals exploiting a security flaw in unpatched installations of Microsoft’s Windows XP operating system brought many organizations around the world to their knees on Friday 12 May, with their so-called WannaCry ransomware attack that locked users out of their computers’ files.

Maximizer CRM 2017 is here!

BY Peter Nielsen, Manager of Products
October 25, 2016

Maximizer CRM 2017

Drum roll please – launch day is here and the product team is super excited (and a bit relieved) to share Maximizer CRM 2017 with folks across the globe.

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Unhacked, cloud and backup providers with the strongest security today

BY Mauricio Prinzlau - Guest Blogger
October 17, 2016

cloud and backup providers with the strongest security todayHow relaxed do you feel when you roam around with your car keys, whose duplicate versions have been stored as a backup in a safe place?

And while availing the services of cloud backup providers for your business’ data, the same feeling is bound to exist. After all, your local data would be backed up online on one or more servers that are safeguarded by the service providers. You also use backup services. In this way, when your local data is no longer available (due to it being deleted or because of any other similar reason), you can quickly restore it from the cloud.

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How We Strive for Customer Success

BY Nicole
September 28, 2016

At Maximizer, we know two things for sure:

  1. The path to success involves getting high value out of your investment in technology
  2. Happy customers are loyal customers – which is good for everyone

With these two simple points in mind, we’ve developed a set of resources designed to ensure that your experience with Maximizer CRM is a great one from the day you start your Free Trial!

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Three ways your CRM can help you to understand the success of your Sales Organization

BY Noel Forst, Former Product Marketing Manager - Americas
September 21, 2016

your CRM can help you understand the success of your Sales OrganizationA CRM is vital to the success of any Sales Organization. It goes without saying that your CRM should be your single point of truth in terms of what you know (or don’t know) about your prospects and customers alike. While your CRM will provide you valuable insight into things like Lead status, pipeline, wins and losses, it should also be the single point of truth as it relates to the performance of your Sales Organization.

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CRM for SMB: What Functionality do you REALLY need?

BY Nicole
September 14, 2016

CRM for SMB: what functionality do you really need?Small to medium businesses (SMBs) across the world use CRM software to manage their customer information and become more efficient. Of all the functionalities in CRM systems for SMBs, the following tools pack the biggest punch.

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5 CRM Benefits That May Not Be Obvious to End Users

BY Nicole
September 8, 2016

5 CRM Benefits That May Not Be Obvious to End UsersCRM solutions exist to help you succeed - build deeper relationships with your customers, proactively anticipate and address their needs, provide stellar customer service and more. You need to know how to leverage the best options available to increase efficiency and implement business processes that have a high impact on your success.

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How to perform SEO through optimized website design!

BY Steve Hart - Guest Blogger
August 30, 2016

Optimise your website design to optimise your SEOBoosting Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a major objective of web designers and webmasters today. This is because SEO is a massive determinant of website ranking in search engine results. A website that has been designed in such a way that it is optimized for search engines is bound to rank very high in the results of these engines. Seeing as the webmasters desire to have their websites rank high in the results, it is crucial that they perform high quality SEO for these websites. SEO is also a viable online marketing tool. Here are five tips that will help you optimize the website significantly.

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How to improve your performance with one simple zap!

BY Shane Cottreau - Product Manager
August 11, 2016

Maximizer Connect for use with ZapierThe concept of integrations for making life easier and simpler has been around for a long time. One of the early integrations I found really useful was the remote control for the television. The ability to use a device to control how the TV operated without leaving the comfort of my couch was mind blowing.

At the time, the integration was very basic - it only had four buttons, one each for moving the channel up/down, one for volume and another for power. Simple, but mind blowing. Another integration that changed my life was the garage door opener. This wonderful device opens and closes the garage door with the click of a button, saving me from going out in the cold Canadian winter to fight with a frozen door. Instead, from the comfort of my Mom’s warm car, I got to press a little button, watch the door magically rise, and off we’d go to hockey practice at 4 am.

As simple as these integrations are, they were revolutionary at the time. Now, they are part of our day to day lives. We’ve come to trust their dependability and consistency.

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