Langara Fishing Adventures & Maximizer

“We now have a process for tracking every detail of our guests’ stay, along with their personal preferences, ensuring each client receives a high level of communication and service. Maximizer is a crucial tool to help us meet and exceed our guests’ expectations.”


Company CFO
Key outcomes
  • A return guest rate of 70%
  • Management of 4,000 luxury fishing vacations annually
  • Management of more than 40,000 contacts
  • Visibility into marketing effectiveness
  • Standardized processes for gathering client information
  • Email marketing to 10,000 subscribers monthly

Langara Fishing Adventures

For over 30 years, Langara Fishing Adventures has earned a reputation as the destination of choice for serious salmon seekers.

However, the logistics of providing a world-class experience in such a remote location are daunting. Minor oversights can quickly turn into trip-ruining complications. Plus, for the cost of a five-day adventure up at Langara’s lodges, guests could go literally anywhere in the world, so customer service is key and there is little room for errors.


Customer relationship management and the ability to collect and access the right information about their guests from anywhere, and at every stage of their experience, is vital to the success of Langara’s operations.


With numerous CRM Solutions available, Langara considered and weighed several options before selecting Maximizer CRM Live as their solution, and the results have been nothing short of amazing.


Langara Fishing Adventures tasked Maximizer with moving their CRM to the cloud — and their move went seamlessly, thanks to Maximizer’s phenomenal support.

“Having our implementation over and done with so quickly was a huge win for us,” said Scott.

“I hardly had to do anything. Tim, the tech guy at Maximizer, knew exactly what he was doing.”


Now kitted out with Maximizer CRM Live, Langara’s small yet mighty crew can access complete guest trip histories anywhere in the world.

That’s helped them re-book 50 percent of their guests up at their lodges, where guests are in a great mood to come back next year — contributing to an outstanding 70% return guest rate.

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