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“In the infancy of our company, without Maximizer CRM we wouldn’t have been able to grow the database as quickly as we have done – so I can’t imagine life before it or without it quite frankly.”
Group Sales Manager
Key Outcomes
    • Rapid return on investment
    • Easy to learn and train staff
    • Increased sales productivity
    • Improved business insight via data
    • Essential to business growth

Hub Exhibitions: Events Management Company (UK)

Hub Exhibitions is a successful and growing events management company based in Surrey in the UKwith a team of dedicated driven women with a collective 75 years’ experience in organising award-winning and market-leading events.  

In Autumn 2019 they launched a new Women in Business Expo at the Farnborough International Conference Centre in Hampshire, UK, organised by Hub Exhibitions, which proved a great success with 4000 plus delegates attending.  

The team is now focused on expanding these events virtually and planning a brand new expo in 2021: Space-Comm Expo at Farnborough   


Great for Events Management

Hub Exhibitions was set up in 2018 by Rob Sherwood, to address a massive gap in the market and run on-topic eventsChristie Day, his former colleaguebecame Group Event Director and sets the scene  

As well as building our team, securing the right business solutions to support our business activities, was of paramount importance. In any events business, your most asset is your address book of suppliers, exhibitors, prospects and delegates. Without this, you can’t run any events. So, securing the most effective solution for managing this information was a critical decision in setting up the business. 

Charity Holden, Group Sales Manager adds “In the infancy of our company, without Maximizer we wouldn’t have been able to grow the database as quickly as we have done. There is no way you can run an events company without a tool such as CRM – so I can’t imagine life before it or without it quite frankly.” 

Which CRM? 

With previous experience of both Maximizer and other CRM solutions, the team knew they wanted a user-friendly solution that was quick and easy tuse and allowed them to focus on their business, not a complex CRM implementation.   

 The Hub Exhibition Team worked with QIC, one of Maximizer’s UK Certified Solution Providers to implement the solution and were fully up and running within a couple of days.  

Business Benefits  

The Hub Exhibition Team have only been using Maximizer for a short time but are already experiencing more productive working and other business benefits.  

Christie explains “Maximizer CRM allows us to reduce the time for uploading data as it is so user friendly, giving us more opportunities to get back on the phone, do the next deal and progress with our day. 

Maximizer has helped enormously with efficiency and organisation, especially in terms of increasing our revenue growth. We are now well set up to deliver annual repeatable events where we already have the processes and data in place, as well as easily replicate these established events into new locations such as London and Manchester.” 

Targeting Made Easy 

Charity expands “Maximizer CRM is very flexible in being able to tailor it to meet your individual business needs. It has a comprehensive set of default data fields as well as unlimited fields that you can add and customise.   

So, for example, we have set up fields for the event stream that a delegate is interested in, namely  Women in Tech, Women in Franchise and Women in Business, as well as our defined visitor characteristic personas  – Career Advancers, Business Starters, Business Owners, Mum Returners.  

This is valuable information which allows us to better understand our audience needs and personalise our content and promotions to meet these. We can easily search and filter to generate targeted lists for marketing and sales activities using this data.  

We can save these searches and favourite lists as well to avoid having to repeat the same tasks over and over, making the process more efficient.” 

Business Insight  

Christy adds “Having a wealth of information stored in one single database within Maximizer allows us to analyse and monitor our activity and performance. The solution has good reporting tools and easy to set up Dashboards which gives us immediate access to up-to-date results.   

We also undertake more in-depth monthly reporting and analytics to give us a deeper understanding of our revenue growth which indicates where we need to focus and drive forward to meet our business goals.”   

Growth & Scalability 

Charity finishes “This year we are delivering three events, including the new Space-Comm Expo which we are really excited about. Maximizer will play an instrumental role in the management and success of these events.  

We are also expanding our team and have a new Marketing Manager, Catherine and Marketing Executive, Angeline. Adding additional users to Maximizer is easy, so scalability is not a problem.  We will be working closely with QIC and Maximizer to ensure we best leverage our solution for marketing purposes and the continued success of our business. 

We would both, highly recommend Maximizer CRM to any business looking to improve their productivity and customer experience and deliver on their growth ambitions.” 

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