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CCI Technology Solutions

CCI uses Maximizer for a single pane view into its sales, operations, and support activities.  

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CCI Technology solutions was founded in 1986 by Steve Pinkney and Gerald Lea in Cape Town, South Africa. Working from Steve’s garage, they pursued the rapidly growing market for local area networking (LAN) services driven by affordable networking equipment. They started with cabling, then added network equipment. Eventually, they added wireless networking, fibre optic cabling, data centre support, and power backup solutions.

CCI has expanded their operations to include a Johannesburg office and, recently, an office in Dublin, Ireland. Using a group of subcontractors, CCI’s reach in Africa extends to Botswana, Namibia, Kenya, and Nigeria.

CCI has been a Maximizer customer since 1989 and currently has 90 employees, of which 45 are Maximizer users.

IT Services

Company Size
51-200 employees

Cape Town, South Africa

We use Maximizer to run most of our business and we dashboard everything! From opportunities to wins and everything in between… I want to see how my reps are doing and how our opportunities are coming along.

Steve Pinkney
CCI Technology Solutions
South Africa


As their systems grew to support increasing sales and expanding service areas, CCI needed a way to integrate the customer information held in Maximizer CRM with their accounting system, which also provides job costing and sales information, and their document management system, which tracks every opportunity from quote to invoice.


CCI’s growth has been steady. With more than 20,000 customers in their Maximizer CRM database and over 200 active projects at any given time, the ability to track and manage sales, operations and support activities has been essential to their success.

CCI’s ability to manage its operations is enabled by three essential Maximizer capabilities:

1. The ability to integrate with other systems using standard API’s (Application Programming Interfaces).
2. A flexible architecture allowing a wide variety of custom data fields to be added to Maximizer.
3. The ability to create and update dashboards using data from Maximizer and the external systems connected to Maximizer.

Camsoft Solutions, a Maximizer Partner in South Africa and long-time supplier to CCI, provided the systems integration expertise needed to connect CCI’s Maximizer CRM application to its accounting and document management systems. This exposes a 360-degree view of sales and operational information that is used in the form of dashboards.

A CCI employee has mastered the art of creating highly specific dashboards that report on sales, operations, support, and financial performance using data from all the connected systems. There are currently over two dozen customer dashboards in daily use.


Dynamic Meeting Insights

CCI’s dashboards fuel productive one-on-one and team meetings with timely, relevant information for informed discussions and strategic planning.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Sales reviews and coaching sessions thrive on actual results, boosting productivity over estimations.

Optimized Cash Flow

Improved cash flow as dashboards highlight incomplete job invoicing, aiding financial management.

Strategic Loss Analysis

Tracking lost deals informs discussions on competitor wins, guiding future improvement strategies.

Customer-Centric Dashboards

CCI’s customers benefit from granular data, empowering responsive handling of sales inquiries and support requests.

Sustaining Competitive Edge

Integration of key systems and precise dashboard development ensures CCI maintains a competitive edge for over three decades.

Business Partner


Camsoft pioneers innovative CRM solutions, transforming business processes with cutting-edge technology. Specializing in modules like the one integrated into Maximizer, Camsoft accelerates quoting, streamlining operations for swift sales and enhanced productivity. With a focus on efficiency and customization, Camsoft is the go-to partner for organizations navigating the dynamic digital landscape, delivering tailor-made solutions to drive growth. Elevate your business with Camsoft’s commitment to simplifying workflows and maximizing performance metrics.

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