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Automated Aquatics 

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Automated Aquatics, founded in 1985, is a leading swimming pool chemical, equipment, and services provider for commercial and semi-commercial properties in northern Alberta. With a focus on quality and innovation, the company has a reputation for being on the leading edge of technology. It is known for pioneering new and improved filtration systems for its clients.

Automated Aquatics has been a Maximizer customer since 2012, and recently moved from the On-Premise Edition to the cloud-based Base Edition.

Commercial Services

Company Size
11-50 employees

Edmonton, Alberta

We were collecting a huge amount of client data, but it wasn’t practical until we integrated Maximizer. With it, we can collect the information and use it to help us scale.

Jeff Hopper
Projects and Services Manager
Automated Aquatics


A long-term Maximizer customer, Automated Aquatics decided to upgrade how they store their customer data. They needed a scalable solution that could handle the vast quantities of information they were collecting as a business.

Maximizer is critical software for Automated Aquatics as it centralizes all the customer data that they use to run the business. They adopted the on-premise solution over 10 years ago. Before Maximizer, the company used a contact management program that had limited capabilities, and the Automated Aquatics team relied on manual processes for service scheduling. However, as the volume of service calls and maintenance tasks increased, it became challenging to maintain efficiency and organization.

The need for a centralized system to manage customer data, service schedules, and work orders became evident as the business expanded. A decade later, the company’s data needs evolved once more, including requirements for increased storage and improved data security.


Maximizer Base Edition offers data storage on the cloud that can scale with the needs of the business.

Projects and Service Manager, Jeff Hopper, was hired at Automated Aquatics shortly after the company implemented the on-premise solution. Recognizing the potential of the CRM system, Jeff integrated it into the company’s daily operations. Maximizer now serves as the central hub for managing customer information, service schedules, and work orders for their accounts, sales, and service teams. Customization of user-defined fields and modules within Maximizer tailored the system to meet the specific needs of Automated Aquatics, particularly in categorizing service types and tracking equipment lists for each site.

“Centralizing our business data into one platform that we can access remotely, while on the job, is a huge asset.” – Jeff Hopper

The customer service model Jeff built around Maximizer is vital for the business. The ability to link calendars, customer information, and service history makes for a streamlined, efficient process when visiting clients and addressing their concerns. It provides a clear representation of work done and schedules to be completed so there’s never a question mark over a service need. The team has accurate, timely information at their fingertips. Maximizer is the brain of the business, unifying all critical business data and having it accessible remotely is a huge benefit to the Automated Aquatics team. Maximizing efficiency and improving customer service became the hallmark of Automated Aquatics’ operations, driven by the integration of Maximizer into their workflow.

As Automated Aquatics continues to grow and evolve, Maximizer remains a cornerstone of its service operations, taking care of customer data so they can focus on driving excellence and innovation in the swimming pool industry.



Enhanced Data Management

Centralized customer data and service histories improve decision-making and optimize service management.

Optimized Service Operations

Automated scheduling and mobile app access empower service technicians to efficiently manage work orders and update service records on the go.

Increased Efficiency

By eliminating manual processes and leveraging automation, Automated Aquatics optimizes service delivery, reducing response times and increasing overall operational efficiency.

Heightened Data Security

Advanced data security features, including encryption protect customer data, and automatic backups prevent data loss.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Access to comprehensive service histories enables the team to provide personalized and timely service, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Quick Implementation

Transfer of data from on-premise to on-cloud is a seamless process with minimal impact on business operations.

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Cencomp Systems Solutions has been a Maximizer Certified Solution Provider for over 25 years. Their customer base spans many types of markets, helping everyone from financial advisors keeping track of their client portfolios to sales teams managing their pipelines. They offer vast knowledge to help customers get the most value from their CRM investment.

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