Building Ideal Buyer Personas

Building Ideal Buyer PersonasYou have identified your key target markets or customer groups through segmentation and your most profitable customers using CLV, you are now ideally placed to take the next step and define profiles or buyer personas.

These are fictional, generalised representations of your ideal customers, which can be used across all functions of your business, to help you attract and relate to your customers as real people rather than just numbers. The creation of personas was, at one time, only practiced by large corporates; however, as competition grows, it’s increasingly important to have targeted, relevant communications.

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Take the Guesswork out of your Strategy

Take the Guesswork out of your StrategyYou are in business to make a profit. Can you reliably tell which customers are helping fulfil that goal? You have probably identified the customers that interact with you most frequently, but does their frequency realistically mean they will bring you profit?

The reality is that not all customers are created equal; in fact, some require such significant support that they can rapidly eat into your profitability or even generate a loss.

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5 Reasons Why Attending An Event Moves You From Credible To Incredible

5 Reasons Why Attending An Event Moves You From Credible To Incredible“Everything I have ever learnt in life I learnt from social media” said nobody, ever. Whilst we live in connected, information rich times, there is only so much you can learn from reading blogs and white papers. Interaction, the pooling of experience and ideas: that’s where motivation, inspiration and innovation can be helped to grow.

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Catch and keep prospects

Catch and keep prospectsGrowing competition has forced businesses to become more and more creative in their attempts to capture the imagination of the buying audience. As imaginative as sales tactics are, they have revolved around one very simple principle: a strong promotional sales message with the aim of a prospect talking to a salesperson leading to a purchase.

Yet in recent times, the sales model has undergone a radical change. Customers have access to multiple sources of information to conduct their own research before they buy, rather than the traditional route of seeking advice from a brand’s sales team.

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Maximizer CRM 2017 is here!

Maximizer CRM 2017

Drum roll please – launch day is here and the product team is super excited (and a bit relieved) to share Maximizer CRM 2017 with folks across the globe.

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How to improve your performance with one simple zap!

Maximizer Connect for use with ZapierThe concept of integrations for making life easier and simpler has been around for a long time. One of the early integrations I found really useful was the remote control for the television. The ability to use a device to control how the TV operated without leaving the comfort of my couch was mind blowing.

At the time, the integration was very basic – it only had four buttons, one each for moving the channel up/down, one for volume and another for power. Simple, but mind blowing. Another integration that changed my life was the garage door opener. This wonderful device opens and closes the garage door with the click of a button, saving me from going out in the cold Canadian winter to fight with a frozen door. Instead, from the comfort of my Mom’s warm car, I got to press a little button, watch the door magically rise, and off we’d go to hockey practice at 4 am.

As simple as these integrations are, they were revolutionary at the time. Now, they are part of our day to day lives. We’ve come to trust their dependability and consistency.

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Dial up the discipline when markets are down


It’s inevitable: what goes up must come down. But how do you keep investors from panicking when markets head south? Turns out a little discipline in your communication strategy can go a long way during times of market frenzy, according to our source.

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Can transparency attract investors to you?


Under Phase 3 of CRM2 requirements, clear disclosure of fees and performance are mandatory. But transparency positioning can also help financial advisors attract and retain clients. Can you ramp up your communications practices to be more attractive to investors?

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7 Steps to Supercharge your Sales Process

Supercharge your Sales ProcessIn the B2B world sales cycles can sometimes be quite slow. Add to that the sluggish economy, high cost of your product and a lack of qualified leads and you have the recipe for a painfully slow sales cycle.

Although  the rewards might be worth it; having a slow sales cycle has its downsides such as cash flow issues, increased risk of the sale failing through and the inevitable stress it places on sales reps.

Speeding the sales process depends on several factors, some of which are unfortunately out of the sales organization’s reach. Instead of just blaming external factors focus on improving what you CAN control.

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The Science Of Selling More

sell itWhile many may see “selling” as a social skill, successful selling is, in fact, quite calculable. There are specific practices that salespeople can use to engage more leads and to close more deals.

The art versus science debate of selling has gone on for years, however one aspect cannot be denied. There is a definite science, an intellectual, systematic method that has led many down the path of transforming prospects into satisfied customers.

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