Building Ideal Buyer Personas

Building Ideal Buyer PersonasYou have identified your key target markets or customer groups through segmentation and your most profitable customers using CLV, you are now ideally placed to take the next step and define profiles or buyer personas.

These are fictional, generalised representations of your ideal customers, which can be used across all functions of your business, to help you attract and relate to your customers as real people rather than just numbers. The creation of personas was, at one time, only practiced by large corporates; however, as competition grows, it’s increasingly important to have targeted, relevant communications.

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Introducing Maximizer Connect for Excel Quotes

Successful CRM users understand that their system acts as a central repository of customer and prospect information. When used effectively, it empowers salespeople to track and qualify incoming leads, and enables management to visualize their sales pipeline at both the company and rep levels.

But getting the best return-on-investment from your CRM ultimately depends on realizing productivity gains: salespeople – from reps to the director – need to complete tasks in as few clicks as possible.

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CRM as a System of Engagement

Maximizer CRM 2017 system of engagementMaximizer has been helping businesses grow since we were founded in 1987, shipping over 1.6 million licenses to over 150,000 customers worldwide since then. Throughout our almost 30 year history, Maximizer CREW members and our certified business partners have helped customers succeed by giving them the insight needed to grow their businesses. With Maximizer CRM 2017, we continue to expand on that, by rolling out a solution that helps improve customer engagement at every point of interaction.

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Maximizer CRM 2017 is here!

Maximizer CRM 2017

Drum roll please – launch day is here and the product team is super excited (and a bit relieved) to share Maximizer CRM 2017 with folks across the globe.

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How to improve your performance with one simple zap!

Maximizer Connect for use with ZapierThe concept of integrations for making life easier and simpler has been around for a long time. One of the early integrations I found really useful was the remote control for the television. The ability to use a device to control how the TV operated without leaving the comfort of my couch was mind blowing.

At the time, the integration was very basic – it only had four buttons, one each for moving the channel up/down, one for volume and another for power. Simple, but mind blowing. Another integration that changed my life was the garage door opener. This wonderful device opens and closes the garage door with the click of a button, saving me from going out in the cold Canadian winter to fight with a frozen door. Instead, from the comfort of my Mom’s warm car, I got to press a little button, watch the door magically rise, and off we’d go to hockey practice at 4 am.

As simple as these integrations are, they were revolutionary at the time. Now, they are part of our day to day lives. We’ve come to trust their dependability and consistency.

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Can a CRM Really Help Generate Leads?

Marketing funnel

When we think about the benefits of a CRM, we often think about the obvious such as; improved customer communication and service, and increased collaboration between sales reps. Not that these aren’t fantastic benefits, but they aren’t likely to make your sales reps jump up and down for joy.

For your CRM to be truly successful, it must be adopted by everyone in your sales team. And like most technology solutions, until users understand how it can benefit them, you can’t be expected to automatically use it.

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How Successful Companies Use A CRM

successgul, CRM, salesAs effective as it is, when it comes to a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution, most sales reps have a love/hate relationship. And it’s not much of a surprise considering the whole logging in and updating of information can make them feel removed from what they were hired for, selling.

The irony is that sales reps stand to gain the most from using CRM software. By using a CRM solution, an estimated 41% of sales reps can expect to increase their revenue. Plus, companies that use CRM have 14.8% better customer retention rates, and 40% better team attainment of quotas.

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Top 5 Features of CRM for Sales

CRM for SalesMany small businesses don’t have the time or the resources to get out there and start making sales calls. But if you don’t make sales calls, you leave a market untapped. Yet, that’s just the beginning. After the call, you need to follow up, over and over. You need to manage your pipeline and categorize your leads. These are just several reasons why a sales team is imperative for any business looking to expand. Yet, for your sales team to succeed, they need a flexible and intelligent CRM solution. Here are the top five features of CRM for sales.

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CRM – Making Sales Managers Better

How can CRM make me a better sales managerAs someone with a passion for Customer Relationship Management (CRM), I am amazed when people don’t reach out to grasp all the benefits it can bring. Whilst some focus on how CRM can drive Sales and Marketing, others focus on improving Customer Service or Customer Retention and profitability. With so many reasons to invest in CRM, what’s missing?

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5 Reasons Every Sales Rep Should be Using Mobile CRM

Close up of a business man using mobile smart phone

When you’re out in the field, meeting potential customers, the last thing you need is to carry a suitcase full of files with you. This is why there is such a huge demand for mobile CRM systems. As you know, the faster you can respond to a client’s request, the faster you can close deals. In addition, you can be more effective while using less effort to close sales. The objective is always to put the needs of customers first.

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