5 Strategies for Engaging Millennial Investors

5 Strategies for Engaging Millennial InvestorsA radically diverse, globalized and digitally connected generation, millennials are set to take the stage. They already make up almost half the US workforce and will soon hit peak earning potential. Over the next 30 years, they’ll inherit 30 trillion dollars from their baby boomer parents.

The growing clout of the millennial investor represents a huge challenge for financial advisors and companies, at risk of serious disruption. Research shows millennial investors are conservative with their money, don’t trust financial institutions, and are turning by the millions to robo-advisors — now a 55 to 60 billion dollar industry. According to a 2014 report by UBS, just 14 percent of surveyed millennials said they would consult a financial advisor on a major decision, as opposed to 40 percent of non-millennials.

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Stepping back: 6 ways to break the micromanagement habit

MicromanagingIn today’s competitive business environment, managers can get so caught up with getting results that they try to keep a hand in every aspect of daily operations. And while they may think this “I can do it better myself” approach is the most effective way to make sure that things get done, the reality is that micromanaging employees not only hinders productivity, it hurts morale. And unfortunately, it’s a very hard habit to break.

If you’ve come to realize that excessive meddling is an unfortunate part of your management style, and you’re ready to step back and give your employees room to grow and succeed, here are 6 things you can do to break the micromanagement habit once and for all.

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How Happy Employees Can Lead to a Happy Company [infographic]

happy employees lead to happy company

It is human nature that if we are happy in what we do, we are much more likely to do it well. This especially applies to the workplace; if we enjoy our jobs and genuinely want to come into work every morning, it is almost certain that the quality of work we produce will be very high, which can only be good news for the company. By contrast, unhappy workplaces destroy employee morale, leading to demotivated staff who may find it hard to give their all to the company, which in turn could struggle to live with its competitors.

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The 5 questions business consultants should be asking their clients to stay ahead in the changing customer journey

digital customer journey The dramatic shifts in buying behaviour brought on by the digital age has created a huge opportunity for Business Advisors to help their clients create competitive advantage and become growth leaders in the new world of business.

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The importance of networking for Business Consultants (and their clients)

networking, business consultancy

“It’s not what you know it’s who you know” is one of those cliché sayings that my dad always used in his pre-retirement days. In his case, as an old style field sales rep with minimum training and no qualifications it got him business to the level where he could start his own business, long term success and early retirement to the villa in Spain. Cliché maybe but it is actually a valuable piece of business advice even today – especially for Business Consultants and for their customers alike. During the initial set up of your consultancy, building business connections will prove invaluable as a source of new clients, lead generators/introducers, and other business consultants, who potentially could support the formation of a local consortium. This also applies to the maintenance of your business once you are properly established – you never know what might crop up in the future and for business consultants especially, when managing the issues of clients, having a network of contacts with varying experience can be especially handy in years to come. Contacts you make don’t necessarily bring you their business, but if they are in contact with someone who needs what you offer, you will get referred second hand.

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