Supercharge your sales processes with the seamless Maximizer and Stripe integration via Zapier. Stripe allows businesses to accept payments over the Internet. With our pre-built Zaps, you can automatically create customers in Stripe when new contacts are added in Maximizer, saving you time and ensuring every lead is engaged from the get-go. Keep your customer interactions on track by creating notes on Maximizer contacts and triggering Teams notifications when a Stripe subscription is canceled. Real-time issue resolution keeps your valuable customers and prevents churn. Effortlessly handle customer disputes by generating tasks in Maximizer for new Stripe disputes. For your sales team, it’s all about gaining that competitive edge. Enhance your understanding of customers by creating notes on Maximizer contacts with payment details from Stripe, opening up upselling and cross-selling opportunities. And the best part? Customize your workflows to meet your business’s unique needs. Elevate your CRM experience and boost your sales potential today.

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