Streamline your sales quoting process and deliver professional quotes and proposals with Maximizer CRM ↔ QuoteWerks integration. With QuoteWerks, you can sell more, faster, and easier, while providing a customer experience that your brand can be proud of. QuoteWerks searches your existing Maximizer contacts, minimizing typos and eliminating the need to synchronize. It also creates new opportunities in Maximizer and continues to update them as the quote changes or is won in QuoteWerks. If your sales process starts in Maximizer, QuoteWerks can link to and update existing opportunities. Additionally, QuoteWerks creates a document link in Maximizer, enabling you to open the quote directly from Maximizer. With these powerful features, the QuoteWerks integration can help you take your sales process to the next level and drive greater success for your business.

To install the QuoteWerks integration, please log in to your Maximizer account and visit our App Directory.