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Maximize your productivity and streamline your sales process with this powerful integration between Maximizer and Proposify, powered by Zapier. You can leverage a range of our popular predefined Zapier workflows, that allow you to create contacts in Maximizer when new clients are added in Proposify, receive timely notifications on Microsoft Teams, Slack or other messenger for proposal outcomes, and effortlessly manage tasks when clients interact with your proposals. Plus, you have the flexibility to create custom workflows tailored to your specific business needs, ensuring that your sales process aligns perfectly with your unique requirements. Experience a new level of productivity, keep your team informed every step of the way and stay on top of your sales game with this dynamic integration. 


  • Create contacts in Maximizer when new clients are created in Proposify, ensuring that your contact database remains up to date without any extra effort. 
  • Automatically create notes on contacts in Maximizer and get Microsoft Teams or Slack notifications when proposals are lost or won in Proposify, keeping you connected and enabling prompt action. 
  • Create tasks in Maximizer whenever clients comment on your proposals in Proposify, ensuring that you never miss a beat. Stay organized, collaborate efficiently, and close deals faster.