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Seamless integration between Maximizer and PandaDoc via Zapier empowers sales professionals to effortlessly optimize their document management process. Automate repetitive tasks, collect customer interaction data, and improve collaboration with our popular predefined workflows that automatically create tasks or notes in Maximizer and send notifications whenever documents are completed or paid in PandaDoc. You can also easily create custom workflows tailored to your business’s unique needs. Save valuable time, streamline your customer interaction tracking, keep your team on top of sales data, and close deals faster! 


  • Create Maximizer notes and send Slack notifications when PandaDoc documents are paid, providing your team with instant access to real-time updates. 
  • Create tasks and notes on Maximizer contacts when documents are completed in PandaDoc. Keep track of customer data within a single source of truth and don’t forget to follow-up. 
  • Automatically create Maximizer contacts from documents sent in PandaDoc. Save valuable time and keep all customer data within your CRM.