Ninja Forms

Forms & Surveys

Unleash the full potential of your sales strategy with the seamless fusion of Maximizer and Ninja Forms, powered by Zapier. Ninja Forms is a user-friendly WordPress contact form builder. Effortlessly connect your customer data captured through Ninja Forms to Maximizer, all without manual data entry or the risk of errors. With this integration, you’re not only connecting apps – you’re also forging a bridge to enhanced sales success. From transforming incoming Ninja Forms submissions into actionable Maximizer leads or contacts, to generating cases in Maximizer for prompt issue resolution, to updating Maximizer contacts seamlessly with new Ninja Forms data – every facet of your sales journey is enhanced. You can also create customized workflows that perfectly align with your business’s unique needs. Revolutionize your approach to sales with the Maximizer-Ninja Forms integration – where streamlined success meets tailored innovation.


  • Create leads or contacts in Maximizer from new Ninja Forms submissions, ensuring no valuable client data slips through the cracks.
  • Create cases for Maximizer contacts from new form submissions in Ninja Forms, ensuring timely and effective issue elaboration.
  • Update Maximizer contacts with new Ninja Forms form submissions, allowing you to maintain accurate records without manual intervention.