Increase the potential of your email marketing campaigns with integration between Maximizer and MailChimp. It allows for seamless two-way synchronization of contact databases and complete visibility into your marketing campaign’s success with statistics such as successful deliveries, opens, clicks, and bounces all in one place. Take personalization to the next level by mapping custom contact fields between Maximizer and MailChimp and see exactly which campaigns are generating new customers. Customizable sync timeframes and closed-loop reporting will help you in achieving the best results. Streamline your marketing and sales processes, save time and increase efficiency with this powerful Maximizer and MailChimp integration.

To install the Mailchimp integration, please log in to your Maximizer account and visit our App Directory.


  • Two-way synchronization of contact information between Maximizer and MailChimp ensures that your databases are always up-to-date and accurate.
  • Get a complete view of your marketing campaign statistics, including successful deliveries, opens, clicks and bounces, all from within Maximizer.
  • Mapping of custom contact fields between Maximizer and MailChimp allows for enhanced personalization, making it easier to tailor your emails to specific groups of customers.
  • Customizable sync timeframes give you greater control over when your data is synchronized, and closed-loop reporting allows you to see which campaigns generated new customers.