Sales professionals can now streamline their sales and marketing efforts even further with the powerful integration between Maximizer and Mailchimp through the Zapier platform. You can leverage a range of popular workflows to optimize your sales and marketing strategies. For example, you can automatically add new Maximizer leads or contacts to Mailchimp subscribers, eliminating manual data entry and ensuring effective nurturing and engagement through targeted email campaigns. Additionally, the automation can create Maximizer leads or contacts from new Mailchimp subscribers, ensuring seamless contact management within your CRM. Effortlessly capturing leads from various sources is also made possible. For instance, new leads captured through Facebook Lead Ads can be simultaneously added as Maximizer leads and Mailchimp subscribers, enabling comprehensive lead nurturing across multiple platforms. If your business requires further customization, Zapier offers ample opportunities for tailored automations. This seamless integration empowers businesses to automate repetitive tasks, maintain data consistency, and focus on building strong customer relationships, ultimately leading to increased sales and revenue growth. 


  • Add new Maximizer leads or contacts to Mailchimp subscribers, ensuring that your email marketing campaigns reach the right audience without manual data entry. 
  • Create Maximizer leads from new Mailchimp subscribers, keeping your customer data consistent and up to date across the platforms. 
  • Create leads or contacts in Maximizer from new leads in Facebook Lead Ads, Typeform, or other apps, and add them to Mailchimp subscriber lists, streamlining the lead management process and enabling effortless personalized and targeted communication.