Supercharge your sales efforts with the seamless integration between Maximizer and Lemlist through Zapier. Lemlist stands out as one of the top cold email software platforms, designed to significantly improve reply rates. It offers a simple yet highly effective tool that streamlines outreach automation and enhances sales engagement. Consolidate engagements by seamlessly integrating Lemlist email activities into Maximizer as leads, accompanied by attached notes that are reflected in a lead timeline. This integration centralizes crucial information, providing a comprehensive view of your interactions. Maintain agility and responsiveness by generating notes on Maximizer contacts in cases where Lemlist recipients opt-out, allowing you to promptly refine your strategies according to customer preferences and thereby fostering enhanced team cohesion. With the capability to design tailored workflows that align with your specific business needs, this integration empowers sales professionals to save time, amplify efficiency, and supercharge their outreach endeavors.


  • Add new Lemlist email activity to Maximizer as leads with notes, keeping track of interactions and engagements in one place.
  • Create notes on contacts in Maximizer when Lemlist recipients unsubscribe from emails and send notifications in Team, ensuring your team stays up-to-date and responsive to customer preferences.
  • Find or create new leads in Lemlist and mark them as Interested whenever new appointments are created in Maximizer, ensuring that your hottest prospects receive immediate attention.
  • Create Maximizer leads with tasks whenever new activities occur in Lemlist, ensuring that important follow-ups are never overlooked.