Intercom Integration



Maximizer’s integration with Intercom through Zapier makes it easier than ever for sales professionals to capture website visitors and nurture them into valuable leads. With this integration, you can automatically create new leads in Maximizer from Intercom conversations, update contact records with new information, and schedule follow-up tasks. By seamlessly connecting your website visitor data with Maximizer, you can gain valuable insights into your potential clients and personalize your messaging to drive conversions. You are also empowered to design personalized workflows that match your unique business needs. Supercharge your sales with Maximizer and Intercom integration today.

Intercom integration highlights

  • Automatically add new Intercom leads to Maximizer, saving you time and effort.
  • Add new Intercom companies to Maximizer and leverage the power of AI to provide comprehensive company information directly in your Maximizer notes, enabling you to gather insights faster and better understand your prospects.
  • Create tasks in Maximizer when new leads are added to Intercom to act promptly, ensuring you never miss an opportunity to timely engage with potential customers.
  • Add new Intercom users or companies to Maximizer and get your team notified in a messenger of your choice, allowing for prompt collaboration and communication.


  • Create a UDF in Maximizer for the “Source” of your leads. For example, label it as “Intercom” and assign this value through Zapier to leads generated from Facebook in Maximizer, simplifying further differentiation. Or utilize Maximizer system values like “Social Media” or “Advertisement” for the “Source”.