Gravity Forms

Forms & Surveys

Unlock the untapped potential of your sales process through the integration of Maximizer and Gravity Forms, orchestrated via Zapier. Gravity Forms is a versatile WordPress plugin that empowers salespeople to effortlessly create and manage customizable forms, streamlining lead generation and communication while enriching client interaction. This integration places the power to convert leads and seize opportunities at your fingertips, effortlessly channeling leads, contacts, cases, and tasks for a streamlined journey from acquisition to conversion, eliminating the bundle of manual data input. Craft tailor-made workflows that align with the nuances of your business. Connect the dots between Gravity Forms and Maximizer, transforming data into actionable insights.


  • Create leads or contacts in Maximizer from new Gravity Forms submissions, saving time on manual data entry.
  • Create cases in Maximizer from new Gravity Forms form submissions, ensuring a swift response to every query.
  • Create tasks in Maximizer for new form submissions in Gravity Forms, aligning your team’s efforts with your sales goals.
  • Create Maximizer leads from new form submissions in Gravity Forms, add them to Mailchimp campaigns, and send emails, streamlining the nurturing process and personalizing communication.