Elevate your team’s collaboration with the seamless integration of Maximizer and Front through Zapier. Front is a communication hub for building strong customer relationships on digital channels. Instantly receive messages in Front for new or updated opportunities in Maximizer, ensuring your team seizes promising leads promptly. Keep Front contacts current as leads and contacts evolve within Maximizer, bidding farewell to manual data entry and enabling your team to focus on nurturing client relationships and closing deals. Real-time communication between Maximizer and Front for new cases aligns support and sales teams, enhancing customer satisfaction and streamlining issue resolution. With Zapier, easily craft custom automations tailored to your business’s unique needs. Eliminate manual tasks, bypass missed opportunities, and bridge communication gaps to propel your sales success with this game-changing integration.


  • Send messages in Front for new or updated Opportunities in Maximizer, ensuring timely communication and collaboration within your team when new sales opportunities arise or existing ones change.
  • Send messages in Front for new leads in Maximizer, enabling your sales team to respond swiftly, increasing the chances of converting prospects into customers, and enhancing lead nurturing.
  • Update Front contacts when leads or contacts are updated in Maximizer and generate new contacts in Front if they do not yet exist. This reduces the risk of data discrepancies, ensuring that your team always has the most up-to-date information for effective client engagement and relationship management.
  • Send messages to Front when new cases are created in Maximizer, facilitating seamless communication between your support and sales teams, and ensuring prompt responses to customer issues.