Facebook Lead Ads Integration



Maximizer CRM’s Facebook integration, powered by Zapier, is a powerful tool for sales professionals looking to generate leads and streamline their workflow. With this integration, you can automatically create new leads in Maximizer from Facebook lead ads, update address book contacts with new information, and trigger follow-up tasks, all without lifting a finger. This means you can spend less time on manual data entry and more time converting opportunities. And because the integration is powered by Zapier, you can customize your workflows to match your business needs. For example, you can automatically assign a task to a specific team member, or even create a custom field in Maximizer based on information from Facebook and update that. In short, Maximizer’s Facebook integration through Zapier adds incredible value to sales professionals by making lead generation and workflow management more efficient, effective, and personalized.

To install the Mailchimp integration, please log in to your Maximizer account and visit our App Directory.


  • Seamless lead generation: Automatically create new leads in Maximizer from Facebook lead ads and keep your address book contacts up-to-date without any manual data entry, saving you time and effort.
  • Customizable workflows: Use Zapier to design personalized workflows that match your business needs, from automatically assigning tasks to team members
  • Improved efficiency and productivity: By streamlining your lead generation and workflow management, the Maximizer and Facebook integration via Zapier can help you stay focused on converting opportunities and achieving your sales goals.