Unleash the synergy of Maximizer and Drift through Zapier to unveil untapped sales potential. Drift is a versatile app that offers real-time chat, conversational marketing, and sales tools, empowering salespeople with immediate engagement, personalized interactions, and accelerated lead conversion. Effortlessly transfer new Drift leads into Maximizer, eliminating manual data entry. Enhance Maximizer contacts with notes from Drift interactions, gaining comprehensive customer insights in your contact timeline. Convert new Drift messages into informative Maximizer notes, and streamline workflows by automating tasks at Drift milestones. Tailor workflows to match your business’s unique requirements. Elevate sales efficiency and embrace a new era of streamlined, data-enriched, and goal-oriented sales strategies.


  • Add new Drift Leads to Maximizer, ensuring no valuable leads are lost and maintaining Maximizer as a single source of truth.
  • Create contacts with notes in Maximizer from new contacts in Drift, keeping the contact list up-to-date and capturing valuable customer data in the contact timeline in Maximizer.
  • Capture new Drift messages in notes on contacts in Maximizer, ensuring a cohesive record of interactions.
  • Create tasks on contacts in Maximizer whenever users reach goals in Drift, promoting timely follow-ups and goal-driven sales approaches.