Amazon Seller Central


Facing the challenge of managing numerous Amazon orders with limited resources? Discover the solution with our game-changing integration between Maximizer and Amazon Seller Central through Zapier. Seller Central is the portal for accessing your Amazon seller account. Ever felt overwhelmed by the task of manually inputting new Amazon Seller Central orders into Maximizer? Picture the convenience of automatically creating contacts or leads in Maximizer from new Amazon orders, ensuring your CRM is always up-to-date without manual effort. Struggling to keep your marketing efforts aligned with your sales data? This integration can seamlessly add your new leads to ActiveCampaign subscribers when new orders are registered. Moreover, it can create Xero invoices for every new order, streamlining your financial processes. Or it can help you to keep customers informed and engaged by sending them SMS messages when their orders are shipped. And for the proactive sales team, enable creating tasks in Maximizer and instantly alerting your team in Teams when there are new unfulfillable orders in Amazon Seller Central, ensuring a swift and coordinated response. Besides our pre-configured Zaps, you can also create customized workflows tailored to your unique business needs.

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