Maximize your sales efficiency and streamline your processes with the integration between Maximizer and ActiveCampaign through Zapier. ActiveCampaign is a comprehensive marketing automation software that empowers businesses to effectively engage with their customers and automate marketing processes. This integration offers numerous benefits for sales professionals. You can add new Maximizer leads to specific marketing campaigns or convert Maximizer leads automatically when specific tags are added to contacts in ActiveCampaign, allowing you to focus your efforts on high-potential prospects. Additionally, the integration enables you to update ActiveCampaign contacts with the latest updates to Maximizer contacts, ensuring precise targeting for your email marketing campaigns. Finally, creating opportunities in Maximizer from new contacts added to ActiveCampaign lists allows you to capitalize on emerging sales prospects and seize growth opportunities. If you can’t find what you need among our popular Zaps, simply build your own to meet the unique needs of your business – it’s that simple! Experience the synergy of Maximizer and ActiveCampaign today and supercharge your sales efforts.


  • Automatically add new Maximizer leads to ActiveCampaign marketing campaigns, expanding your reach and ensuring that your leads are receiving relevant marketing content, increasing the chances of conversions.
  • Create leads in Maximizer when new contacts are added to ActiveCampaign lists, ensuring your Maximizer database remains up-to-date and comprehensive.
  • Convert Maximizer leads when specific tags are added to contacts in ActiveCampaign, helping the sales team prioritize their efforts on prospects with the most potential.
  • Update ActiveCampaign contacts with updated Maximizer Address Book entries for precise targeting in email marketing campaigns.
  • Update leads in Maximizer when ActiveCampaign contacts are updated, preventing data inconsistencies and ensuring that your sales team always has access to the latest information about leads and contacts.
  • Create opportunities in Maximizer when new contacts are added to ActiveCampaign lists, providing your sales team with a clear path to follow up and nurture leads effectively, improving conversion rates.
  • Create Maximizer leads and ActiveCampaign subscribers from new Jotform submissions, ensuring that leads from various sources are consistently managed and engaged.