Enhance your productivity and streamline your workflow with SystemX integration. With’s easy-to-adopt CRM+ platform, you can manage projects, time sheets, expenses, documents, quotes, and teams seamlessly alongside your Maximizer CRM.

The integration offers many benefits, including a synchronized address book from Maximizer, easy project generation from Maximizer opportunities, and quote generation from Maximizer opportunities. You can also track time spent on projects with time sheets and keep track of expenses incurred while working on projects. With SystemX’s online file storage and sharing capabilities, you can collaborate with your team more effectively and access documents from anywhere. The integration also offers reporting capabilities with canned and custom Crystal reports and allows you to view company org charts and control each project’s team. Choose SystemX integration and take your processes to the next level!

To install the SystemX integration, please log in to your Maximizer account and visit our App Directory.


  • Project generation from Maximizer opportunities simplifies the process of creating new projects and ensures that all relevant information is automatically carried over from Maximizer to SystemX, including the Address Book entries
  • Quote generation from Maximizer opportunities allows you to generate quotes directly from Maximizer opportunities within SystemX
  • Time sheet tracking for projects makes it easier to accurately bill clients and keep track of project progress
  • Expense tracking for projects allows you to accurately bill clients for expenses and ensures that you are staying within project budgets
  • Online file storage and sharing for team collaboration makes collaboration easier and more efficient