Maximizer Connect for Microsoft Outlook 365

Communication, Productivity

Maximizer Connect for Outlook 365

Get ready to revolutionize your workflow and communications with the Maximizer Connect for Microsoft Outlook 365 Integration! Seamlessly connect your Office 365 account with Maximizer and access your Address Book contacts directly from any email message in Outlook. Say goodbye to the hassle of switching between programs to access your contact information. Setup and installation of the Outlook 365 Integration is easy. Simply start by clicking the Get it now button and follow the instructions. Once installed, an intuitive dialogue box will appear above the contents of any open email message to provide easy access to all of your Maximizer contacts. Take your productivity to the next level with Maximizer Connect for Microsoft Outlook 365! 


  • Create contacts, leads, or organizations in Maximizer from an email.
  • Save email messages to Maximizer entries.
  • Create tasks, appointments, call interactions, and notes in Maximizer.
  • Create opportunities in Maximizer from Outlook email messages.
  • Search for and add Maximizer entries as recipients of outgoing emails in Outlook. 
  • Get current information on upcoming activities.
  • View a timeline of historical events on contacts.
  • Retrieve current details on your customers and prospects. 
  • Displays opportunity totals on contacts for deals that are currently being worked as well as won deals.