Facebook Messenger


Elevate your sales game and empower your sales professionals with the seamless integration of Maximizer and Facebook Messenger through Zapier. Facebook Messenger is a messaging application and communication platform that allows to send text messages, make voice and video calls, and connect across the globe. Automatically create leads or contacts in Maximizer from new messages sent to your Facebook page. Not only that, you can enhance these leads with notes that include a direct link to the Facebook message inbox, ensuring all communication is at your fingertips. Take it a step further by sending instant AI-powered replies through Facebook Messenger, engaging prospects and customers in real-time. Never miss a beat with automatic note creation on Maximizer contacts for every incoming message to your Facebook page. Stay organized and efficient by creating tasks in Maximizer and receiving MS Teams notifications whenever new messages are sent to your Facebook page. You can also create customized workflows tailored to your business needs. Maximize your sales potential, streamline your processes, and provide exceptional customer experiences with Maximizer and Facebook Messenger integration.


  • Create leads or contacts in Maximizer from new messages sent to your Facebook page, and instantly capture potential leads from your Facebook page interactions within Maximizer. It ensures that no lead goes unnoticed or untracked, enabling timely follow-ups and conversions.
  • Automatically add context-rich notes on your new Maximizer leads or contacts created from new messages sent to page in Facebook Messenger, and include a link to your Facebook messages inbox, enabling your sales team for personalized and meaningful interactions.
  • Create tasks in Maximizer and send MS Teams notifications when new messages are sent to your Facebook page, helping to ensure that important follow-up actions are assigned and tracked within Maximizer. MS Teams notifications keep your team in the loop, promoting effective teamwork and responsiveness.
  • Create leads in Maximizer from new messages sent to Facebook page and send instant AI-powered replies in Facebook Messenger, maintaining prompt communication with potential customers and showcasing your responsiveness. It enhances customer experience and keeps leads warm.