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How to promote your content on social media

socialcrmYou have taken the time and effort to create insightful content for your prospects and customers. Now, it’s time to promote your newly created content to the rest of the world. You might already use your company’s channels such as your website and newsletter. Yet, that might only be limited to your current customer base or those who already know about your brand. Then, the search engines might pick some of your content up, but that isn’t always a guarantee especially if you have not optimized for SEO.

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How 10 companies used local SEO strategies to improve business success

local SEO strategies to improve business successAs the owner of a local business, you know how difficult ranking for global, generic keywords is. If you’re running a local jewelry store for instance, global keywords like “jewelry store” have you competing with Kay.com, Jared.com and Tiffany.com, which means you’ll be lucky to show up among the top 50 results, let alone top 10.

As local SEO experts will tell you, having a solid local SEO strategy is the best thing that a business can invest in. Local SEO is important for any business, big or small, that relies on clientele from their own locality, as opposed to say freelance writers who can provide their services anywhere across the globe.

As Google continues to update its search algorithms to provide better, more relevant results for its users, it is important to invest in timeless techniques to survive the cut-off of every update. This article discusses ten of those strategies with case studies of previous successes. Use them to improve your website’s local SEO for better rankings and higher conversion rates.

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Why is Your Sales Team Missing Revenue?

Why is Your Sales Team Missing the Revenue?Every business should have the goal to maximize sales as a way to generate more revenue for expansion, research, charity, operating expenses or etc. However, there are a few pitfalls that many sales teams continue to fall prey to, again and again.

Betting on the Wrong Horse

A salesperson can generate dozens of leads daily, however if those leads are not qualified – if they aren’t at the appropriate point in the sales cycle, if they don’t have the budget or the authority to make the buying decision, if they aren’t willing to invest the time to learn about your product – it may not be worth it to pour hours upon hours of effort to pursue those leads. Be sure that your sales team has an effective process to weed out unqualified prospects.  Or instead you can always phase in an inbound marketing strategy to generate more qualified leads at a lower cost.

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4 Easy Ways To Increase Your Number Of Twitter Followers

Increase Your Number Of Twitter FollowersWhile many businesses are seeing their number of Twitter followers soar, others are still left wondering “what’s their secret?” B2C companies may wonder how to engage their customers on Twitter, and B2B companies are trying to figure out whether Twitter is right for them.

Well, by incorporating simple strategies, businesses of all sizes, B2B or B2C, can watch their numbers climb organically and with minimal effort.

So don’t give up on Twitter, until you read this!

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Employee Retention: What makes employees happy?

Employee Retention: what makes employees happy It is easy to feel like you can’t compete.

You hear about the amazing employee perks the cool companies are offering. Netflix and their unlimited vacation policy. AirBnB giving all their employees a $2,000 personal travel budget.

I would like to put your mind at rest. You don’t need the fancy stuff to have engaged employees.

In fact, often just the phrase employee engagement can make you feel like you have another mountain to climb. Yet another ‘initiative’ that you need to implement.

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