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Why Live Chat Is Beneficial For Your Business

Why live chat is beneficial for your business Nowadays, consumer expectations of customer service have reached new heights, providing support via phone and/or email has become the default standard for most companies. Businesses are engaging with more and more customers through online channels. Now, more than ever, businesses need to fully embrace the online customer experience to provide quality online support.

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How to get your employees to love your CRM

How to get your employees to love CRM You’ve got a CRM solution implemented in your company. Some people love it. Some people hate it. Others are sitting on the fence. For your business to really reap the rewards of what a CRM solution has to offer, everyone in the company has to accept it, use it, and make it a part of their every day working lives. So what methods can ensure your employees embrace CRM?

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5 Facebook Mistakes You Need to Stop Making

Facebook mistakes to avoid Having a social presence is crucial to your brand’s identity, particularly when it comes to site like Facebook. The issue? A considerable measure of brands have no clue how to utilize Facebook correctly and in doing so end up alienating who they would like to target. Here are 5 mistakes you need to make sure you aren’t making.

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Event Marketing- The Highs & Lows of Promoting Your Event

Silhouette of group of people watching sunset at skyscraper.

Successfully promoting an event is not a one-task job. It takes a dedicated eye to look at things form several different perspectives in order to bring all aspects together effectively without any mishaps.

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3 Easy Tips to use LinkedIn to Spark a Conversation With Prospects

BELCHATOW, POLAND - APRIL 10, 2014: Closeup photo of Linkedin icon on mobile phone screen. Popular social network.

You may already get leads from your cold calling and online marketing efforts. Yet, there’s likely new business on LinkedIn that you’re not currently utilizing. When it comes to sales and meeting your quota, the more leads the better. So, why not leverage the power of LinkedIn–a social network that boasts over 300 million members? Here are three easy tips for using LinkedIn to spark a conversation with prospects.

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