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Who Is Responsible For Data Security?

data, security, cloud, responsibility Cloud computing changes the equation of responsibility and accountability for information security and poses some new challenges. When processing personal data in the cloud, who’s responsible for data integrity and security? Who’s liable for any data loss or security breach? Often, the biggest threat to data stored remotely, turns out to be the failure to understand who’s responsible for keeping it protected!

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What Does Flexible CRM Look Like?

3 ways crmEveryone is aware of the benefits of Customer Relationship Management software, from storing all customer data in one secure location, to sales, marketing and workforce automation, to document management, the list is endless.

So why do so many CRM projects fail to achieve the goals set by the company implementing the solution? Primarily there are three causes of failure:

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And The Apple Watch Goes To…

Apple I watchIn celebration of our rebranding and new website unveiling; we automatically entered the name of everyone who purchased a Maximizer CRM software license by August 21st 2015 into a draw to win an trendy Apple Watch Sport.

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Is There Too Much Choice in CRM?

Studio shot of a laptop and computer at a workstation. All screen content is designed by us and not copyrighted by others, and upon purchase a user license is granted to the purchaser. A property release can be obtained if needed.

There is no doubt that for customer-facing businesses, having Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is a must. If you are in doubt, you need to click through a few of our other blogs to better understand the benefits of CRM – whether you are a major global corporation or a more locally-focused small to medium enterprise (SME).

Frankly, everybody who deals with customers needs a CRM solution, so I can see only one reason why some companies seem not to be joining the craze: ‘paralysis of analysis’. Put simply, ‘paralysis of analysis’ means ‘failure to react as a result of over-thinking’ and it is a recognised and a critical problem in sports. When a striker kicks a ball, a goalkeeper has to decide in a split second which way to throw himself. In result, desperately trying to make the best decision, he may not move at all as the ball lands in the net behind him.

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Addressing Your Cloud CRM Security Concerns

secure, cloud, security ‘Cloud Computing’ seems to be the hot topic in business circles these days. As a technology consultant I can walk into a room full of business owners and mention the word ‘cloud’ and I’ve got a captive audience. While many businesses have been quick to adopt the opportunities of cloud technology, there are an equal number of businesses who are still wary of this new technology & although they understand the benefits that could computing can offer them, they are understandably wary.

Security, privacy, ownership & reliability are the top 4 concerns from small business owners when it comes to adopting cloud technology. Interestingly Microsoft conducted a survey that reported that 60% of SMB’s had concerns about data security in the cloud, 45% worried about losing control over their data and 42% doubted the reliability of the cloud. Below I address each of these concerns and see whether those fears are founded in reality.

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