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The Power of CRM 2 For Investment Advisors

4timeClient Relationship Model, Phase 2 (CRM2) was announced in 2013 and is currently undergoing its three-year roll-out.

CRM 2 is designed to increase the transparency for investors on performance and fees, and some requirements have already gone into effect. Starting in July 2014, financial advisors were required to provide pre-trade disclosure of charges and report on compensation from debt securities transactions.

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Which Is More Expensive Cloud or On-Premise Purchased CRM?

cloud, on premise, money. cheaperIs long-term total cost of ownership for on-premise CRM really lower than that of a cloud solution?

The debate between operating expense (aka opex, the cloud’s approach) and capital expense (aka capex, the on-premise approach) is waged daily at companies. Although there are trade-offs no matter what a firm chooses, it’s clear that opex is increasingly favoured. In the age-old rent-versus-buy debate, the cloud is making rental very compelling.

With the rise of cloud computing over the last couple of years, everybody thinks they have a pretty clear grasp of the facts regarding the conflicting arguments. Most are based on supposition, not actual research, until the Yankee Group ran the numbers. Although it has been a few years since the Yankee Groups breakthrough study, comparing hosted CRM systems to on-premise solutions for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), it still sheds valuable light on the debate over cloud verses in-house and even shatters a few myths.

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The Essential Guide To Your 2015 Christmas eCommerce Strategy

Christmas, eCommerce, strategy A Christmas campaign is one of those essential elements of your eCommerce strategy that shouldn’t be left until the last minute.

Ensuring you have a working strategy in place by the end of October at the very latest could mean the difference between a successful year and a total wash-out.

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Who Is Responsible For Data Security?

data, security, cloud, responsibility Cloud computing changes the equation of responsibility and accountability for information security and poses some new challenges. When processing personal data in the cloud, who’s responsible for data integrity and security? Who’s liable for any data loss or security breach? Often, the biggest threat to data stored remotely, turns out to be the failure to understand who’s responsible for keeping it protected!

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What Does Flexible CRM Look Like?

3 ways crmEveryone is aware of the benefits of Customer Relationship Management software, from storing all customer data in one secure location, to sales, marketing and workforce automation, to document management, the list is endless.

So why do so many CRM projects fail to achieve the goals set by the company implementing the solution? Primarily there are three causes of failure:

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