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7 Steps to Supercharge your Sales Process

Supercharge your Sales ProcessIn the B2B world sales cycles can sometimes be quite slow. Add to that the sluggish economy, high cost of your product and a lack of qualified leads and you have the recipe for a painfully slow sales cycle.

Although  the rewards might be worth it; having a slow sales cycle has its downsides such as cash flow issues, increased risk of the sale failing through and the inevitable stress it places on sales reps.

Speeding the sales process depends on several factors, some of which are unfortunately out of the sales organization’s reach. Instead of just blaming external factors focus on improving what you CAN control.

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Searching for the Canadian affluent household

searching for the affluent canadian household


The demographic group known as mass affluent are growing in number in Canada. But since they don’t think of themselves as particularly well off, and many don’t flaunt their wealth, it may be a challenge to know where to find them. Discover how you can track them down and close the deal.

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The Science Of Selling More

sell itWhile many may see “selling” as a social skill, successful selling is, in fact, quite calculable. There are specific practices that salespeople can use to engage more leads and to close more deals.

The art versus science debate of selling has gone on for years, however one aspect cannot be denied. There is a definite science, an intellectual, systematic method that has led many down the path of transforming prospects into satisfied customers.

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Are You Married to Your CRM?

Like all relationships, my commitment to my wife takes work.  She knows my bad habits (junk food) and tries to help me be healthier (yay, Kale!).  I know hers as well (washing colors with whites) and I try to help as I can.

We have a total commitment to each other, so when something does come up that causes an argument we can quickly go back to being happy. It’s that commitment that ensures that we’re in it for the long haul together.

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Let Content Marketing Help You Build a Great Online Brand

Let Content Marketing Help You Build a Great Online BrandContent marketing is one of the most effective strategies in the modern marketers arsenal. According to research by the Content Marketing Institute, the primary aim of content marketing is to boost brand awareness, create brand loyalty and generate quality leads. If your organization wants to build a content marketing super brand check out the steps below. 

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