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The 5 questions business consultants should be asking their clients to stay ahead in the changing customer journey

digital customer journey The dramatic shifts in buying behaviour brought on by the digital age has created a huge opportunity for Business Advisors to help their clients create competitive advantage and become growth leaders in the new world of business.

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The Power of Technology – the use of marketing automation and CRM integration when running a successful lead generation campaign

Marketing automation and CRM to help with lead generation Sales, Marketing & Lead Generation; it’s a science. Not rocket science but a science nonetheless. When this science is truly understood and delivered by a person or firm who can position this with their artistic prowess then we truly have the potential for significant business growth. Our world is all about lead generation…we get our clients in front of their buying market! This is not an easy task, otherwise our clients would do it themselves and we would have much more competition.

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Maximizer CRM voted a top CRM provider

We are proud to announce we have been nominated as a finalist in the CRM product of the year category of the Network Computing Awards

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Closing the Sale at the Start of the Cycle

close sales at the start of the sales cycleWe generally associate the end of a cycle with the term “closing” – the process of which you’ve gained the trust of the customer and are about to finalise the transaction. I’m going to tell you now that closing starts at the start of the cycle.

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Why ERP is no longer enough

Manufacturing - ERP, CRM, customer journey Manufacturing along with other industries has seen a significant transformation in the last two decades. From being a distribution centric industry, it has moved towards customer centric, as inventory is losing its life span. Every month or quarter, products are changing their shape and form, all due to extreme innovation.

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