Maximizer CRM Connect for use with Zapier

CRM integration just got easier, with Maximizer Connect

Most likely, you and your team use a plethora of tools and applications in combination with Maximizer CRM Live to order, address and anticipate your customer’s needs. To them, you are a finely tuned machine that can make anything happen effortlessly. Zapier makes effortless a simple reality by connecting over 500+applications to Maximizer CRM Live.

Zapier handles the big task of making your apps talk to each other to create workflow automations with cool functions like Multi-Step Zaps and Searching. Your zaps will automatically handle the hard work of pushing your documents, forms, contacts, tickets, and files.


  • Automate repetitive and mundane tasks with workflows so that you can focus on saving time and growing your business.
  • Integrate with other products that you never knew were available to you.
  • Maximizer Connect for use with Zapier directly connects 500+ Apps into Maximizer CRM Live.
  • Accomplish everything you need within your Maximizer CRM Live, without any programming or development costs – just a quick Zap!

How it works

Avoid importing and exporting files with a Multi-Step Zap that adds each the important data you need from your favorite app. By using Maximizer Connect with Zapier you now have the ability to create extensive workflows that match your business processes, increasing productivity in a fun easy way. With just a few clicks you can Zap Maximizer CRM Live to your other favorite tools and apps such as Slack, Twitter, Dropbox, and Toggl!

Datasheet (256KB PDF file)

8 zaps to get you started

Maximizer Connect for use with Zapier is only available in North America, Australia, and New Zealand. It is an add-on product with an additional fee. Only available for use with Maximizer CRM Live.

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