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The future of manufacturing lies in being proactive

Customer driven market shifts and new types of competitors are requiring manufacturers to become more agile and more customer focused. Integrating Maximizer will enable manufacturers to analyze the customer data, predict shifts in the marketplace, and to respond to them before they happen.

Through Maximizer CRM, the team is able to target end users at the relevant time, increasing sales revenue and driving organic growth

Richard Harris, Managing Director, Lely Ireland View This Case Study

Customer Service

New technologies within the consumer market have affected the manufacturing sector. The meaning of customer service has changed. Customers expect quality, personalized service, on their terms, across the web, social, mobile, and phone.

With Maximizer, you can earn customers for life by providing relevant, personalized service—at any time and via any channel. You can empower your customer service agents with everything they need at their fingertips to deliver amazing customer service.

Real-time Data on One Screen

All the data you need to accurately manage your projects, customers and vendors is right at your fingertips on one screen. Access job status, shipments and quoting data in real-time, for any area of your manufacturing operation. Review notes and send out emails to prospects and clients without ever leaving your CRM application.

Sales Forecasting

Accurately track and act on real data intelligence. View sales forecasting accuracy across products and periods. Drill down to individual customers or sales reps from your bespoke dashboard view to get more specific data on their performance.


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