Wealth Manager CRM for Financial Services


Practice management

  • Keep your team organized with team-based task creation
  • Standardize your processes with workflows
  • Access client information anytime with mobile CRM
  • Sync team calendars to manage resources and workloads

Screenshot of calendar
Screenshot of contact

Stay CRM2 compliant

  • Automatically save all client email activity to the CRM
  • Maintain complete and up-to-date recorded client histories
  • Track all changes to client records with automatic audit trails
  • Secure your client’s data in our Tier 4 Canadian cloud

Provide superior client engagement

  • Easily view upcoming client milestones in pre-built dashboards
  • Hundreds of wealth-specific fields to capture key client & KYC data
  • Household structure allows for recall of client’s family info
  • 75+ pre-configured searches for instant client segmentation

Screenshot of dashboard
Screenshot of workflow

Prepare for succession

  • Increase practice resale value with a quantifiable, verifiable, compliant, and up-to-date book of business
  • Ease the business transition process with embedded workflows
  • Facilitate future expansion with scalable systems and structure


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