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Seamless Integration with your favorite apps.

Maximizer’s helpful ecosystem of pre-built integrations will boost productivity and provide the necessary tools to streamline workflows and drive results.



Featured Applications


Sell more with automated email campaigns.

Sync your contacts & engage your customers with emails that stand-out.

Own campaign data and results to improve marketing performance.


Sync your calendar, contacts, and communications.

Save and integrate hotlist tasks from emails to contacts, leads, opportunities or customer service cases.

Google Drive

Access cloud-centralized document storage.

Synchronize files across all devices.

Share files with clients and control user access.

One Drive

Store and share documents in the Microsoft-based cloud.

Synchronize and access files across any device.


Manage and track conversations.

Sync your Google calendar and contacts.


Exchange SMS, WhatsApp, and chat messages.

Communicate through voice, email or video.

Engage up to 50 contacts with one bulk text.


Create Word templates and apply them to contacts for emails, invoices and proposals.

Merge contact details back into a Word doc.


Shift CRM data into Excel for reports, quoting, record-keeping and sharing.

Own document control and block unauthorized extractions.

Create templates for quotations, forecasts and reports or choose from our built-in library of popular templates.

Export and manipulate data in a familiar platform.


Connect 500+ applications including Eventbrite, iContact, Google Sheets, Gmail, Slack, Facebook, Survey Monkey, and more.

Automate your process using pre-configured, automated workflows known as ‘zaps’ or customize your own.

Increase productivity and eliminate redundant tasks like data entry, imports and exports.

Explore thousands of possible connections: simplify form submissions, turn emails into notes, create hotlist tasks from survey participants and much more.

Maximizer API

Interact with your data, everywhere

The Maximizer API lets you tap into your cloud or on-premise version of Maximizer to extend functionality, integrate with applications, and interact with data.

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Gain access to our APIs and start building your own integrations.

Accelerate implementation & onboarding

Get up and running as quickly as possible, and get the skills to use Maximizer to its full potential.


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Stephen Pinkney

Managing Director
CCI Technology Solutions

“The integration into our job-costing package has just made it so much easier and so much less time consuming to track all our paperwork. It’s an integral part of business.”

Bill Stroll

Marketing Manager
StepForth Placement

“By having Maximizer integrate with our Outlook program, we can save email correspondence to the relevant client records in Maximizer, maintaining a history of communications with them.”

Nickey Pringle

Head Coordinator
Advance Carpets

“A great example of the increased productivity is the ability to automate once manual reports. In fact, I believe that since implementing Maximizer CRM, our efficiency has more than doubled.”