Training Videos for Maximizer CRM

The Clever Hotlist | Creating Dashboards | Sending Email

Performing Advanced Searches | Importing and Exporting with Excel | Creating Notes and Documents

Creating Favourite Lists | Calendar and Appointments | Building Key Field Lists

Administrator Tour | Using Global Edit | Using Outlook Integration

Working with Column Setups | Working with User Defined Fields | Using Word Integration

Using Zapier Integration | Dictating Notes into a Contact Record | Using MailChimp Integration

Enhanced Quick Search | Savings Emails to Maximizer | Quick Search for an Opportunity

Quick Search for a Phone Number | Quick Search for a Customer Case | Changing from Lead to Non-Lead

Forgot Your Password | Complex Search – Contact + Company | Changing Your Password

Changing a Column Setup | Adding a Browser Shortcut for Maximizer | Creating an Email Signature

Quick Search an Address | Date Last Contacted | Saving an Email to Multiple Entries

Resetting Your Password | Activating Your Account – First User | Activating Your Account – Additional Users

Creating Email Campaigns | Auto-formatting Phone Numbers | CASL Compliance

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