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Smart Presentations, established 30 years ago and based in Aylesbury & High Wycombe in the UK, help drive team collaboration and increase business meeting productivity through innovative communication technologies and cutting-edge business tools.

They support corporate businesses of all sizes from SMB to large enterprises across a wide range of industries as well as working with Government/Public Sector and Healthcare.

Graham Cording, Smart Presentation’s Managing Director, discusses below, the value and contribution Maximizer CRM has made, over the last 20 years, to their ongoing success and new business growth plans.

Delivering ‘Right 1st Time’

Smart Presentation’s success is built on its customer promise to deliver projects fully operational, on time, snag-free and within budget.

As Graham explains “With the challenge of running many different projects concurrently, Maximizer is critical to meeting our customer promise.  We record all project actions, progress, and deliverables, customer interactions, supplier details and documentation within the CRM, giving us a more holistic approach to project management.

Being able to easily schedule activities, create tasks, build alerts and reminders within Maximizer, keeps us on track and allows us to provide each customer with quality personal attention and service, upping our customer experience and satisfaction levels.”

Upping Our Productivity

Around three years ago, Smart Presentation’s made the decision to move to Maximizer’s cloud-based CRM Live solution, which has provided new levels of benefit and business value.

Graham observes “We spend a lot of time on-the-road visiting customer sites. With our database now in the cloud, we have secure, reliable, easy access to our customer records anywhere, anytime.

Being able to update these on the go, has resulted in our calls into the office being reduced by 50% alone, freeing up the office team to focus on more valuable activities. This has resulted in overall productivity being increased by at least 10% per week.

One thing I really like about Maximizer, is its ease to customise and implement different process improvements, giving us incremental gains and productivity enhancements, all to better serve our customers.”

Smarter Decisions

The solution has also given Graham, as Managing Director, the ability and assurance to be able to get an up-to-date overview of business activities and performance, anytime, anywhere. He adds:

Customer QuoteThe Power of Integration

Graham is a strong believer that the future belongs to those businesses that have quick access to information and simple yet powerful ways to improve productivity.

“Making CRM our central business hub and linking other business tools with available Maximizer Third-Party Integrations, will assist us a great deal as the business grows. Working smarter and reducing the time required to complete administrative tasks will help us maintain our high standards of service delivery.”

“We already have Maximizer integration with Outlook and are now testing Xero accounting integration for quotation and invoice management.  This will bridge the gap between Sales and Accounts, reducing both admin time and requests for information internally.

In addition, we are planning to integrate MailChimp to allow us to send targeted campaigns with activity automatically recorded against each contact in our CRM database, as well as  link our website for auto-population of website enquiry forms and orders within Maximizer, reducing data entry tasks and allowing us to respond faster to enquiries.”

Into The Future

Smart Presentations is looking to grow the business through increased online product sales and introducing pre-designed meeting room packages alongside their established bespoke project services.

Maximizer CRM will be customised to incorporate the additional product offerings as well as new marketing, sales and delivery processes associated with these, ensuring and maintaining high-level customer engagement and satisfaction.

Graham finally observes “Maximizer continues to be a critical part of our business; giving us a 360view of our activity and performance. As we look to grow, we know we have a reliable, flexible, proven CRM solution we trust, that is easily scalable and continues to add value to our ongoing business success.”

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