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Acclivity CRM are the only Maximizer CRM partner in the Republic of Ireland and one of the foremost CRM experts on the island of Ireland. Acclivity CRM grew out of Software Support Group who had been delivering CRM solutions since 1990.

Collectively we have 60+ years’ experience of delivering sales and operational software solutions across a range of industries. Our industrial experience crosses the full breadth of manufacturing and service businesses, ranging from construction to make-up to agriculture, from small businesses to leading multi-nationals.

We take a partnership approach to our customer’s businesses and work hard to ensure the software delivers the expected benefits.

Utilizing our in-house development expertise, we also provide a number of Maximizer plug-ins to extend the functionality of the core application and to integrate to our customer’s ERP and Accounts systems maximising the efficiency of their operations.

We’d love to meet for a chat to see if we can help you.

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  • Oliver O’Kelly
  • 01-297 3326
  • Unit A13, Block A, Calmount Park, Calmount Avenue,, Dublin 12, RK66, Ireland
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