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Q-Project Management Consulting implements Maximizer CRM to take
control of business activity and boost output

Q-Project Management Consulting’s Managing Director, Fred Deliën, explains that as the business began to expand, it was clear that its existing practises were ill-equipped to keep up with the growth: “To begin with, we used Microsoft Office and Outlook to keep track of all business activities and correspondence, but as we grew, we realzsed that we needed a system that would enable us to put everything in order to better respond to customer queries and follow-ups. We had information scattered everywhere and were seeking a way to structure all the data and enable the team to manage tasks more efficiently,” he says.

Industry: Business Services - Consulting
Challenge: Consolidate customer information for enquiry response


  • All information and documents are stored in one central place to improve accuracy and efficiency
  • Fully customizable user defined fields for enhanced segmentation
  • Simple and easy to implement, use and customize, with little IT competence needed
  • Access anytime, anywhere to view contacts, documents and dashboards for a full control of your business
  • Process map and hotlist tasks to keep on top of the workload

Established in 1996, Q-Project Management Consulting quickly grew from a very small company to one with around 100 clients spanning a range of sectors. The business soon began to struggle to keep pace with the increased amount of customer correspondence it was sending and receiving and the team found itself in desperate need of a more sophisticated infrastructure to centralize and order their data and client communications. In order to upgrade its outdated and inefficient processes, Q-Project Management Consulting decided to implement Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.

Relying on Microsoft Outlook to archive emails and Microsft Access tables to track calls and contracts was not only labour-intensive and outdated, but also took time away from staff that could otherwise be dedicated to revenue driving activities, like selling. Staff were storing correspondence files in a range of locations, and setting up complex databases to track things that fell outside the realms of Microsoft Office, like contracts, calls and mail. This was a huge issue for a small team with an already demanding workload. “Relying on basic Office software was hugely inefficient for us and was taking up a disproportionate amount of staff time – something had to be done,” Fred Deliën comments.

Centralizing and structuring information

Fred was advised by a partner to take a look at Maximizer CRM and after downloading the trial version and test driving it for a week, he concluded that the platform offered all the functions and features his business required to organize their data and improve efficiency.

They turned to AdafiSoftware as their Maximizer Business Partner for implementation and training, as well as after sales support, which has turned out to be very helpful at times.

The company implemented Maximizer CRM at the beginning of 2003 and the first impression it made upon the team was a very positive one. “We quickly found that it was well-structured, which was exactly what we needed, and the ability to add customized fields to take control of segmentation was a big plus for us too,” Fred explains.

He continues: “Being such a small team, it was crucial that we could structure and manage our work in an efficient way so our team remained as productive as possible. With Outlook and Access there was a lot of cutting and pasting required, and we found Maximizer offered a better solution overall to structure and streamline our business data and processes. It has brought more efficiency to our day-to-day work and offers a complete solution for our staff without any cutting and pasting.”

For us it’s a core system that enables us to do our daily work efficiently. From prospecting through to service delivery, Maximizer helps us with the entire consultancy process.

Managing Director, Q-Project Management Consulting.

Low-maintenance implementation

The Q-Project Management Consulting team found that implementing the system was a simple, user-friendly process, despite the businesses’ limited IT resources. Fred explains: “Setting up the CRM was much easier than we initially anticipated – you only need minimum IT competence to tailor the software to suit your business needs and goals. For us, one of Maximizer’s key features is that it’s really easy to customize as long as you have an idea of what it is that you want to do beforehand. We are just a three-person company with no IT department and we believe that Maximizer CRM is a great option for those smaller businesses looking for a low maintenance, high performance platform.”

Taking control of business activity

Maximizer CRM now plays a key role in Q-Project Management Consulting’s day-to-day business activity, as Fred Deliën explains: “For us it’s a core system that enables us to do our daily work efficiently. From prospecting through to service delivery, Maximizer helps us with the entire consultancy process.”

What’s more, as Managing Director, Maximizer also gives real-time snapshots that enable to monitor and take control of business priorities. “If I am travelling or with customers, I can see what’s been done and what we are prioritizing: just by looking at a simple pie chart I can see what areas have been worked on during the day, and I can drill down into that for real insight.” Fred tells.

“Because of this the team doesn’t have to worry about forgetting anything or falling behind on their workload – Maximizer helps the team keep on top of things by clearly outlining what’s going on across the business. For everything we do and every process we execute, we have a system that sets out every step for the team member working on it.” The team also tracks offers, invoices and pipeline opportunities within the system, as well as using it to follow up on contracts with external suppliers, hence undertaking performance auditing.

“Maximizer has definitely helped the team become more productive, and I would certainly recommend it. It’s doing everything that a good CRM system should be doing, and we’re very happy with it and the impact it’s had on our productivity levels,” Fred concludes.

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