123Print improves core business functions with the implementation of Maximizer CRM

“We started our relationship with Maximizer in 2004, when it became apparent we needed a solution that allowed everyone access to the same database, capturing real-time data and sharing customer information. Prior to our adoption of Maximizer CRM, we were using Outlook and the shift to Maximizer has enabled 123Print to bring real honesty back into the copy industry.”

“When the decision to use a CRM solution was made, we chose Maximizer as their competitors were too heavily geared towards larger companies and came with high prices. It became apparent that we needed a piece of software that could improve our customer and business intelligence, so that even if sales staff leave the company, we still have a central database of their information and Maximizer fi tted our needs seamlessly.”

Industry: Printing
Challenge: Sharing important customer data with all staff


  • Easy to use and great flexibility
  • Quick implementation
  • Cloud solution allows staff to work on the move and access information via remote devices
  • Improved general organisation of tasks
  • Targeted mass mailing campaigns
  • Export reports to Excel

“We first implemented Maximizer CRM 10, but upgraded two years ago to the cloud solution, hosted by Camsoft Solutions, a Certifi ed Solutions Provider of Maximizer Software. At first, there was some resistance to the adoption of a CRM solution; however, the ease of use, quick implementation and anywhere access meant my staff swiftly came around. The solution allowed my sales staff to become more productive and effi cient, meaning they could increase their sales potential.” 123Print currently have 12 users, but the ability to easily increase or decrease the number of users as the sales team develops has proved invaluable. “Without Maximizer CRM, it would be impossible to provide all members of staff access to the relevant information they need at all times, which was a pressing need,” van de Werken adds.

Flexibility, accessibility and mobility are key

“The hotlist function is vital to our businessas it provides daily to-do lists for the sales team and notes on customer interactions to be quickly updated. Being able to access this information via the cloud is essential to our staff , as they are able to work on the move, via remote devices such as their smartphones. This function is also incredibly useful in the general organisation of tasks.” He adds: “Sharing important customer data in real-time across all personnel gives us much greater business and customer intelligence. Plus, being able to export reports to Excel helps with planning and business insights.”

Van de Werken notes that, as well as making CRM easily accessible for all employees, anywhere at anytime, via smartphones and tablets, Maximizer also provides great flexibility, “which has really helped us as a small business, because we can upgrade, add users and new licences to match our needs.”

Sharing important customer data in real-time across all personnel gives us much greater business and customer intelligence. Plus, being able to export reports to Excel helps with planning and business insights

Director, 123Print

A business changing solution

When discussing the key use of Maximizer CRM and the impact on his business, van de Werken states: “Maximizer is a very powerful marketing and sales tool. We mostly use Maximizer for its hotlist function, and the solution is predominantly used by our sales team. But moving into the future being able to send targeted and personalised mass marketing is now key to all of our campaigns and lead generation.”

“We measure our success by the smiles on customers’ faces. If it wasn’t for Maximizer CRM giving us all shared access to customers’ information, then we would be in a very diff erent situation. Maximizer has without a doubt increased productivity, and you cannot put a price tag on joint, shared customer access.”

The service supplier, Camsoft, is also discussed in a positive light: van de Werken described their customer service staff as “always quick to respond to customer queries” and “very helpful both online and over the phone.”

When asked if he’d recommend Maximizer CRM to other companies in the sector, he immediately says yes: “Without Maximizer CRM, our business simply would not function.”

“Without Maximizer, we wouldn’t have the sales technology that we have today, and there would be no insight into customers buying habits. I have been using Maximizer for 10 years and continue to be delighted with the cloud Enterprise solution we have in place.”

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