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This week we launched enhancements to your Maximizer bound to make your experience even more personalized. Chief among those is the new Custom Tab for your Address Book.

The new Custom Tab enables users to view hand-picked company and contact details, key field groups, different notes and more — all on one screen! Now businesses can tailor their Address Book view for better and faster insights on their contact behavior.

How does it work?

The new Custom Tab enables companies to bring together Address Book details into a single clear and intuitive view. This gives users the power to compare different types of information at a glance, without having to switch windows and tabs, or scroll through lengthy lists.

The Custom Tab with the new intuitive Notes timeline

The inspiration for the Custom Tab came from your very clever user suggestions. You wanted to be able to see contact- and company-level information in a single window; as well as access contact information and every note related to a contact without switching tabs. The new Custom Tab makes that possible — and so much more.

An admin can tailor your Custom Tab from the edit screen. Using drag-and-drop widgets that can be resized to taste — they can build you a personalized dashboard in minutes.

And this is just the start. The Custom Tab is symbolic of further enhancements we plan to roll out in the near future, empowering companies of all shapes and sizes to personalize their experience to match how they work.

Got a suggestion? Drop us a line. We’re keen to hear your ideas and will use them to make your Maximizer even better.

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