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We live in an increasingly fluid, interconnected world. Some say a “mobile revolution” is underway. And the numbers back that hypothesis up. The share of websites accessed via tablets and smartphones tripled between 2012 and 2018.

For your sales team on the move, streamlined access to their critical sales information is no longer a luxury. It’s a must-have.

However, while many vendors place a premium on intuitive desktop software, surprisingly few extend the same logic to their mobile CRM app. Instead, they create CRM apps with feature-bloat and slow load times, frustrating your ability to work efficiently and hurting your sales team adoption and sales team performance.

Looking for top tips on how to get the right mobile CRM solution for your team? Read on. We’ll go over 9 key sales app features to look for and why they’re important — as well as up-and-coming capabilities that should get you excited.

Must-have mobile CRM app capabilities

What does an ideal Mobile CRM app experience look like? Your salesperson should be able to plan out their day while at the breakfast table, a cup of joe in one hand and smartphone in the other. Then when they head out, they’re ready to deal with whatever heads their way, quickly and efficiently.

Whether you’re starting a call when on the move or brushing up on opportunity news when chilling between appointments — the right CRM app lets you capture and deliver the information your team needs now, effortlessly, increasing your productivity without increasing your work. Critical information, like highlights for sales, service and technical support history, should always be a finger swipe away.

Your mobile CRM checklist should therefore include intuitive access to the following 9 features:

  • Your contact list, with filters to get just what you need in seconds
  • Tools to easily capture notes and updates
  • Ways to easily call, message or email contacts straight from the app
  • Highlights on key issues impacting the customer
  • Your lead information
  • Your opportunity list and sales pipeline
  • Your calendar
  • Your priority list for the day
  • Plus task management tools to collaborate with the rest of your team

Why do businesses need these features? Our customers have told us it’s these features that empower salespeople with vital capabilities, including…

Always being prepared: No one likes getting blindsided. Least of all your sales team. An integrated 360 degree view of each contact, with relevant sales, service and technical support history at a glance, ensures your sales team goes into every meeting fully appraised of outstanding issues that may sabotage a deal.

Mobile data capture: Every customer conversation entails stacks of notes and details that need to be recorded while it’s still fresh in your mind. A mobile app equipped with simplified data capture and call logging tools ensures each team member contributes complete, accurate customer information to your shared data trove.

Portable conversations: Rather than being tethered to their desktop, salespeople should be able to take their conversations anywhere and pick up effortlessly where they last left off. An ideal app will make every phone call and email related to an opportunity available in a single portable view.

Fast client insights: Your team may want to browse customer triumphs, news and events between appointments for opportunity insights to take into their next meeting. Resources like social links, curated inside your mobile solution, make it possible to discover in five minutes what you didn’t know five minutes ago.

Agile team collaboration: Finally, salespeople need to keep on top of their deals. They also need ways to keep in touch with their support team back at the office. A mobile app should therefore include agile task management, appointment and calendar tools.

Hitting the efficiency vs. flexibility sweetspot

We’ve built a sales Mobile CRM app with many of the above features and capabilities, including modules for your Opportunities, Address Book and Leads, and a streamlined task list of what’s on your plate for the day — to ensure sales people are always on top of their game.

Through our development journey, we’ve learned many lessons on best practices and market requirements.

How do today’s other mobile CRM apps stack up against these criteria?

Sadly, the answer is often not that well.

And it’s not difficult to see why.

Slick marketing might lead you to think mobile app creation is easy; but as we’ve learned, it’s hard work. Creating a professional-grade B2B app requires specialized skills and knowledge, as well as rigorous testing. According to one estimate, development costs run from $50,000 to $250,000 or more per app.

That whopping price-tag leads many vendors to see mobile as a “necessary evil”. So they understandably build one big legacy app to cover their bases. However, the resulting app, while rich in features, tends to be slow and cluttered, frustrating adoption.

In contrast, new entrants often favor streamlining for a specific business role (usually sales) in order to accelerate time to market.

We’ve taken the latter approach. A slimmed-down sales app like the one we’ve developed drives tremendous value for the individual salesperson.

The future: mobile personalization

At Maximizer, however, we believe everyone deserves CRM tailored to their business role — whether that’s as a salesperson on the road, a service technician in the field, or a business leader looking to stay on top of departmental KPIs and important events, such as sales landing a big fish deal.

Just as our desktop solution’s Custom Tab lets our users personalize their view of their contacts to the way they work, we want our mobile users to be able to streamline their experience to match their requirements.

Towards that end, we plan to build more modules for marketing, customer service and technical support that mobile users can curate themselves.

And that’s just the start. Eventually, we’ll engineer a totally organic mobile experience that makes sales tasks feel effortless. That includes integration of hands-free voice control, automatic call recording, AI-generated sales insights, automatic transcription, and more!

We’ll need help from users like you to realize this vision. What are the top CRM features you need on the fly? What would your ideal mobile experience look like?

We’d love to get your thoughts. Drop us a line on Twitter or Facebook — or leave us a suggestion.

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