Maximizer Sales Platform For The Manufacturing Industry

Think beyond the product with a sales platform built with manufacturers in mind. Empower your staff to deliver personalized service anywhere, anytime with mobile CRM access. Build deeper relationships with vendors, distributors, and retailers. Leverage real-time manufacturing dashboards. Create accurate forecasts and sync production with demand.

Sell stronger and quicker with automated campaigns while improving customer satisfaction with the sales platform from Maximizer. Empower your team with mobile-friendly tools. Organization anytime, anywhere. Track all communications for a quantifiable book of business. Maximizer’s software for Manufacturers simplifies the sales process.

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“Prior to Maximizer, customer service could spend 3 to 4 days just trying to find information. Now, with Maximizer, response time ranges from immediate to just a few hours.”

Harrison Greene, WP of Growth and Development
Mayfield Plastics

Mayfield Plastics originally sourced Maximizer for its appointment and scheduling capabilities. However it was when they augmented usage and leveraged the ability to consolidate and intuitively manage customer interactions, activities, emails and notes did they realize that Maximizer was a game-changing solution.

The Maximizer Advantage for Manufacturers

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Reveal the big picture of your extended value chain and revenues. Identify new opportunities with Maximizer’s sales platform for the manufacturing industry. Empower team members to deliver personalized service anywhere, anytime with mobile access. Build stronger relationships with vendors, distributors, and retailers. Leverage real-time manufacturing dashboards, obtain accurate sales forecasts, and sync production with demand.

Improve Sales Workflow

Access a clear view of your extended value chain and revenues, and identify new opportunities. Increase your cross-sell and up-sell.

Pipeline Management

Pipeline Management

Shorten the sales cycle with proactive management of your entire sales pipeline. Drive consistency and transparency. Personalize each pipeline stage in moments, and review your entire pipeline process at a glance.

Sales Forecasting

Sales Forecasting

Organize accurate forecasts of your pipeline revenues. Perform weighted and unweighted forecasts. Anticipate revenues based on team, territory, channel or rep, and match production with demand.

Partner Management

Partner Management

Grow your sales network with Maximizer’s partner portal. Assign opportunities and leads or have partners contribute their own. Track performance with reliable multi-channel sales forecasts.

Lead Management

Lead Management

Ensure no sales opportunity goes to waste with automated lead management. Track the status and source of every lead — and route leads by specific territory or rep while the prospect is still warm.

Manufacturing Dashboards and Reports

Obtain real-time visibility into performance across service, sales, and support with business, sales, and customer service dashboards. Access automated reports to further understand key metrics.

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