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Avid QuoteWerks users rejoice. We’re proud to announce a brand new integration with the market-leading sales quoting and proposal software. Now sales teams will be able to accelerate their productivity and close deals like never before.

The QuoteWerks integration, available now in our App Directory, links data between the two apps. You can now search and view your Maximizer contact data in QuoteWerks. While at the same time as you produce or amend a quote or proposal in QuoteWerks, you can create new and update existing sales opportunities in Maximizer.

This makes QuoteWerks users way more nimble; indeed, sales teams will now be able to perform more actions in fewer clicks and eliminate tedious double data entry between systems.

By leveraging our complementary integrations like QuickBooks and Xero, your sales team can manage relationships with your vendors, distributors and customers inside of one seamless workspace.

We will continue to deepen our integration with your business critical tools. Keep your eye on our App Directory.

In the interim, why not share with us what new connections would benefit your business the most. Suggest your clever ideas here — or drop us a line on Twitter or LinkedIn. Our Product and Development team are eager to hear your input.

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